Epiko X Jupiter DEX: Your Gateway to Trade $EPIKO Tokens on Solana

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7 min readApr 7, 2024

Now, easily Buy and Sell $EPIKO Tokens Directly on Jupiter with streamlined Transactions, Lower Fees — Checkout Full Guide!

As part of our strategic move to embrace Solana’s high-performance network, $EPIKO Tokens have officially landed on the Solana blockchain. We have seamlessly transferred 50 million $EPIKO Tokens from Ethereum to Solana through the Wormhole bridging solution.

This bridge acts as a communication channel between both decentralized networks, laying the groundwork for Epiko’s presence on Solana, and enabling us to benefit from Solana’s high-speed and low-cost transactions.

With $EPIKO Tokens now available on Solana, we’re excited to introduce Jupiter DEX as the first Solana-based exchange where you can trade $EPIKO tokens. Jupiter DEX stands out as one of Solana’s most utilized applications, with a user-friendly interface and robust security measures it offers a seamless trading experience, processing an average of $350 million worth of crypto asset trades daily from over 100,000 unique wallets.

We have established a liquidity pool of 2 million $EPIKO Tokens on the Jupiter exchange to facilitate smooth trading. This pool acts as a readily available source of $EPIKO tokens within the Solana ecosystem, contributing to:

  • Smoother Trades: The presence of this dedicated pool ensures ample liquidity for $EPIKO trades, minimizing potential delays or disruptions that might occur due to insufficient liquidity.
  • Enhanced Price Discovery: By injecting a significant amount of $EPIKO tokens into the ecosystem, it helps establish a stable market price for $EPIKO on Solana.

Here’s How to Trade on Jupiter:

On Jupiter, you can perform instant transactions using different advanced features seamlessly and get $EPIKO Tokens at the best price with access to more than 500 tokens while securing the best price routes among all the DEXs and AMMs in Solana. Simply go to https://jup.ag/swap/EPIKO-SOL and connect your wallet to:

  • Swap: You can select the token pairs you want to swap from the token selector and enter the amount.
  • Limit Orders: You can set limit orders, specifying the token to be sold, the amount, the desired buying price, and an optional expiry period.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): You can buy tokens using DCA, selecting the token you want and choosing the frequency for automatic purchases within a given period.


Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • First, make sure your URL is correct: https://jup.ag/
  • Next, connect your wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner of the site.
  • After connecting your wallet to Jupiter, you can then select the token pairs that you want to swap from the token selector and enter the amount of tokens that you want to swap.
  • Jupiter will find the best price routes for you amongst all the majority DEXs and AMMs in Solana, checkout the full supported list here.
  • Before swapping, you can configure a few parameters like; Transaction Priority Fees, Slippage Settings, and Swap Settings, before proceeding to help with your trade.
  • After you have confirmed all the parameters and inputs, you can click on the swap button, and the wallet that you have connected to Jupiter will ask you to approve the transaction to submit the order to the chain. If approve, your swap will be executed.
  • A notification toast will appear in the lower left corner that will notify user once the transaction has been sent and has completed.
  • You can view your transaction history by clicking the wallet section on the upper right of the site.

For more information visit: https://station.jup.ag/guides/jupiter-swap/swap

Limit Order

Jupiter Limit Order provides you with the simplest way to place limit orders on Solana and receive tokens directly in your wallet when the order is filled!

  1. Input: Pick a token from the token selector and specify the amount of token that you’re selling
  2. Rate/ Price: Here you specify the rate/price that you’re buying the output token (Or Use Market for the current market price)
  3. Expiry: Set an expiry period for your order, from 10 minutes to Custom, or even Never
  4. Output: Jupiter Limit Order will be able to compute your parameters and come up with the rate that you’ll be getting
  5. Place Order: Once you’ve reviewed the summary of your order, you will be able to place order and submit the transaction over to Jupiter Limit Order

For more information visit: https://station.jup.ag/guides/limit-order/limit-order

DCA (dollar cost averaging)

This solution enables you to automate the purchase or sale of tokens at regular intervals over a certain period of time.

  1. DCA tab along with Jupiter suite of products.
  2. Input Token Selector for the token that you are looking to spend/ sell/ swap from.
  3. Input field for the amount of input tokens that you are looking to spend/ sell/ swap from.
  4. Output Token Selector for the token that you are looking to buy/ swap into.
  5. Frequency of purchase/ sale of tokens over a period of duration, selection from hour, day, week, and month.
  6. Duration for the purchase/ sale of tokens.
  7. Order Summary for the current DCA order that you are placing/ submitting. From the screenshot example:
  • Sell — 1 SOL (You are selling/ swapping from 1 SOL)
  • Get (or Buying) — USDC (You are buying/ swapping into USDC)
  • Frequency — Days (Frequency for the trade to happen)
  • Amount per cycle — A quick estimation of the amount of tokens that you will be getting in each cycle/ iteration
  • End Date — The last cycle/ iteration of the order will be executed to finish the DCA order

8. Place an order to submit the transaction.

For more information visit: https://station.jup.ag/guides/dca/how-to-dca

Head over to Jupiter DEX and start trading $EPIKO Tokens Now!

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Additionally, you can also check out $EPIKO on Birdeye Solana, a platform that offers comprehensive crypto trading data and visualization tools. Track price movements, analyze trends, and make informed decisions about your $EPIKO holdings — Click Here

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Jupiter is a cutting-edge platform offering a range of perpetuals and other trading tools for a world-class swap experience. It’s designed for simplicity and versatility in various use cases. Key features include; Advanced Swaps, Payments API for precise token transactions and Limit Orders for strategic trading. Explore Jupiter Station for an innovative trading experience with its diverse set of tools.

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$EPIKO token is the backbone of the Epiko ecosystem, providing essential utilities and value to its stakeholders. As the primary in-game currency, it facilitates seamless transactions for players to acquire items, upgrades, and NFTs, enriching their gaming experience. Through play-to-earn mechanics, players are incentivized to participate actively, earning $EPIKO tokens as rewards for their achievements, fostering an engaged and empowered community, driving the growth of the platform.

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