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Penny Zang
Jan 26, 2020 · 4 min read

Submission requirements and application to become an Epilogue writer

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If you are new to Medium, you first need to set up an account and learn how the platform works. A few links that may help you are below. Give it time and practice by drafting a few stories, following others, and navigating through the site. Ask if you have questions.

The Newbie Introduction to Writing for Medium

The Benefits of Writing for Medium

The Complete Guide to Formatting Your Stories on Medium

Medium Writing Tips — An Updated Guide

Why Write for Epilogue

Community: Epilogue strives to be an encouraging community of writers who support each other’s work. Building community is an integral part of the Epilogue family. We also have a Facebook group set up to ask questions, post story links, and engage in Medium-related discussions. (Once you are added as a writer, I will send you an invite. Joining the FB group is not required).

Reach: Publishing on Medium increases your visibility so that potentially thousands of people can find your work. You can lead readers back to your website with your bio and with forms (like the ones made on Upscribe). If you are promoting a book or other projects, Medium is a great place to gain followers. Epilogue’s Twitter account will also share your content.

Growth: Stretch your writing muscles by working on a new platform, as well.

What Epilogue publishes

Epilogue is a new publication that focuses on personal stories about writing. It is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at an author’s process or experience. Ideas for story ideas are endless as long as it relates to the overall mission of writers on writing.

Examples of content that would work for Epilogue:

-How I Found My Agent

-Self-publishing on a Budget

-My Quest to Write Snappier Dialogue

-World Building from a _____’s Perspective

-The Choice to Focus on Indie Publishing

-A Debut Author’s Book Promotion Advice

-Social Media for the Beginning Writer

The five tags that Epilogue uses are: Writers on Writing, Writing Process, Writing Life, Writing Community, and Creativity. Feel free to use similar tags. Read more about tags here.

Other submission guidelines

All stories must have a clear focus. Writing that is so abstract and obtuse it hinders the clarity of your ideas will not be accepted. If you are writing about a large topic that covers a lot of ground, consider breaking it into multiple stories.

While promoting your work is a good thing, the sole purpose of the story should not be to summarize your work or sell books. Again, personal stories are part of Epilogue’s mission, but there must also be a focus designed with an audience in mind; this means rambling diary-like posts may need to be edited before submitting.

Epilogue prefers locked content. This helps makes sure the submission is considered for wider distribution by Medium curators. This also helps you receive payment through Medium’s Partner Program.

Epilogue does not publish the following:

· How-to manuals or guides(unless there is a personal element)

· Hate speech or any writing designed toprovoke anger or otherwise cause damage to others.

· Fiction or poetry

· Work published in another Medium publication

Other formatting requirements

Standard formatting is requested. Stories that do not adhere to the below requirements will be declined. Authors can resubmit after fixing formatting issues. If you are new to Medium, there is a bit of a learning process. Thankfully, there are lots of resources to help.

Before you submit

Proofread your work for clarity, grammar, and punctuation. Stories with significant proofreading errors will not be accepted.

Include a clear title, as well as an image to accompany your story. Make sure that you include the credit for the photographer and/or source. Try Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, or other sites for free stock photos. (Tips and Tricks for Posting Photos on Medium)

Add relevant tags to help readers (and Google) find your work.

Consider the use of headings, especially if you are writing a longer piece or if your content involves steps or tips.

How to submit:

Submit the form below to be added as a writer for Epilogue. Writers will be added within 48 hours (longer time frame for holidays).

Once you are added as a writer, submit your unpublished draft to Medium. If you need to review how to submit stories to a publication, see the following guide for more information: How to Submit Your Medium Stories to Publications.

Add questions below! We look forward to working with you.


Behind-the-scenes stories about writing process…

Penny Zang

Written by

English professor + book nerd + drinking buddy. Visit me at Pennyzang.com and Twitter: @penny_zang



Behind-the-scenes stories about writing process, publishing, and the writing life.

Penny Zang

Written by

English professor + book nerd + drinking buddy. Visit me at Pennyzang.com and Twitter: @penny_zang



Behind-the-scenes stories about writing process, publishing, and the writing life.

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