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Embracing the Pains

Going out of comfort zone

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

My Biology teacher once taught me, one characteristic of being alive is the capability to grow and thrive.

Now, I begin to understand.

People love being in their comfort zone as everything has been done right,

Yet it left me to ponder, is it the only thing I want?

Fear is Lurking Outside Comfort Zone

  • I’m afraid to wear different clothes, many eyes will see.
  • I’m afraid to do work out. I will be sleepy.
  • I’m afraid to learn new things. I will stop mid-way.
  • I’m afraid, I’m so scared, I’m worried.

When the situation is peaceful, ‘normal’ humans will be scared to try new things. There’s a time I’ve done this. I’m scared new things will wave my calm lake.

But when I reflected, am I really living?

It seems I am breathing, yet I am dead inside.

I know there are people who believe that playing big is dangerous,

but do you want to know what’s more dangerous?

Never taking risk.

When you’re doing nothing, nothing good happen.

- John C. Maxwell.

Risks, Failure, Pains, and Lost is a Part to Grow

Recently, it is hard to see good news in Indonesia. Many people died, including some of my friends and families.

I unconsciously build a fence in my heart.

I fear if I lost something more, I would go insane.

So I escaped my reality, just doing everything well, then I’m making my bubble. I live inside it.

But unable to face failures is what making me more insane.

There will be many failures. Face it.

Even if you are doing the safest task, there will be risks.

But with failures we grow. With loosing we know.

There are pains, but they will heal.

Pain is Shaping our Personality

Instagram @thirtydaysoflunch

Reza Gunawan, in thirtydayoflunch podcast, said that every people has different painful moments. Those experiences had shaped our mindset and personality.

An example:

People who had the pain of breaking up with their lovers have different mindset in a relationship than a person who is still single.

Pain makes each human have different kinds of personalities.

All of us have different pasts and pains.

Who you are right now is also shaped by your pains.

Be Confident

Human is not an inferior species. We are solid for adapting well.

Even if we crash, we can be mold into different things.

Photo by Jade Scarlato on Unsplash

He was using his hands to make a pot from clay, but something went wrong with it. So he used that clay to make another pot the way he wanted it to be. — Jeremiah 18:4

There’s more than one way to have a meaningful life.

To find it out, you need to step up the game.

Let’s be brave to be inferior.

Let’s be brave to be kind.

Let’s be brave to love.

Let’s be brave to grow in life.



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