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Even Introvert Suffers From Quarantine

We are equally in pain

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

As an Introvert, I thought my condition is going to be alright during Covid.

  • I’m not particularly eager to eat outside. I prefer delivery.
  • I prefer home entertainment (Movies, Books, etc.).
  • I like meeting people, but it will burn out me if I do it 24/7.

So many of my friends said,

I’m jealous you are such an introvert.

You wish that Covid never end right?

Starting it With Rejoice

During the first days of quarantine, it felt like a holiday.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash
  • I don’t have to meet people every day.
  • There are many things that I can do online.
  • You don’t have to put many choices in your working clothes.
  • I have more energy to do my work.

For two years, I rarely went out and focusing my time on my family and work.

But after few months I realize, Quarantine actually did not give me the best condition as an introvert.

Home is not Heaven Anymore.

There was a time I was exhausted. Usually, I am coping up fine during my me time. Yet, it didn’t work this time.

Photo by Tyson on Unsplash

My family members usually go out a lot. Either they are having fun or dealing with their business. But now they stay at home almost 24/7.

  • My home has many members and is connected to my mother’s restaurant. There are many loud voices as chefs hurriedly finishing their orders.
  • Unconsciously my family members also speak loudly. Their voice can even go to the second floor. Even my coworkers hear it during zoom meetings.
  • Before Quarantine, my family members often go out when I have me time. Now they can’t afford it. They prefer to seek home entertainment. There are many voices from Television, TikTok, Youtube at the same time.

To make it less stressful, I tried to wake up in the morning. Surprise! It doesn’t work.

All my family members wake up at 5 AM. They are all entrepreneurs, so the more early they work, the better.

The only quiet time that I can get is late at night, around 11 PM-1 AM.

Introvert does not Seek Full Solitude.

Since Covid happens, I search for a place where it can cancel noise. Some of my introverted friends made it by living alone, but it also backfires them.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Introvert seek lone time to charge their energy, but we are not anti social.

We fear meeting people because it can deplet our energy.

Not because we hate people.

Some of my friends are surprised when they notice I am an introvert as I like to hang out with them. It shouldn’t be a surprise since all of us are human.

Human need to socialize with each other to live.

One of my introverted friends who lives alone actually suffers because they don’t meet as many people as usual.

Introvert Should carry work Outside.

An offline workspace should be a place to do your work. At home, our depleted energy can be recharged with ease.

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash
  • Using the same room to work and sleep may cause insomnia.
  • Office workspace designed for you to work, so it has more facilities than home (Ex: Stationery supplies, wifi, etc.).
  • Everyone in the office knows you are working so there will be less noise.
  • You will not be hindered by the sudden visit of a neighbor or distant relative that comes for help in the office.

Even though working from home have many benefits, it isn’t healthy to do it entirely in a long time.

Many forms of conversation turned into a chat.

This is what makes me stressed the most. We have to turn on our phone's ringtone almost all the time.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

I got chat from morning to late at night nonstop. Not just because of work but also friends who want to catch up, family, etc.

  • Now we do a lot of indirect communication as we have to open an app first to respond. Usually, when we are offline, reading chat is secondary as we are likely to meet every day. I miss hearing the sound of people shouting my name instead of my phone ringtone.
  • The first week of quarantine got me burned out as there is much chat in my What’s App. People don’t know when I have to work or study, so I have to multitask often.
  • As I open an online shop, some customers contact me but not at the right time. I have to reject their call three times then inform them they should not call during busy times.
  • Now chat and emails are critical to be read fastly. Usually, I love to reply to my chat when my energy is full. But now, the essence of responding is fast or people think you are ignoring them.


I may not give you an objective point as an introvert. But from my experience, I believe every people from Covid suffers.

Photo by Lux Graves on Unsplash

Many of our family members are struggling. Even though people called it new normal, it still feels foreign to me.

It is alright if you feel pain. You are not alone. Prioritize mental health first during Covid.

Stay sane instead of pushing too much work on your shoulders.

People think that we have much time when we are at home, but even introvert suffers. Humans should not be caged forever.

Yet looking back at two years, I am proud that I can survive during a difficult situation to work at home.

Christmas is coming closer. Let’s not make the same mistake again. Let’s do quarantine together until Covid is just a tiny virus that poses us no harm.

Please, if you can, stay at home, get vaccinated, get healthy. Everyone wants you to be healthy. Not only your body who has to be healthy, but also your mind.

Let’s do it together, people.

We can do this together.



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