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How to Get One Month Free of Medium Membership Through Appstore

No credit cards needed.

Picture by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

During my first month on Medium, I didn’t really think of upgrading my account, the membership cost $5/month and $50/year. Although it doesn’t cost a lot, I would feel guilty about paying it — Especially when I wasn’t earning anything yet.

But as I get more serious about it, it turns out that having a Medium membership is essential if you are planning to earn some money within this platform.

With the membership, you could access every article on the platform, no more hassle about three articles only in a month.

There are just lots of useful articles on the platform that could help you learn how to make money from Medium, I could interact with my readers, and interact with other writers whenever I needed their advice.

Medium had also changed how the platform paid you, it used to be paid based on many claps you got, but later changed based on member reading time. So once you had succeeded to apply for the Medium Partner Program, you get paid only if someone with the memberships — People with a green circle on their profile — reads it.

Looking at one of my article stats, you could see that the longer member reading time the more money I get. You could also support other writers by having a membership.

The good news is, Medium is offering one-month free membership, which you can acquire through the app store. You will need a Medium app on your from, and a Dana account.

Once you have both of them, follow this instruction to connect your Dana account with your Apple Id. Once it’s connected, go to the Medium app and click membership, it should be automatically linked with your Apple Id.

You will not be charged, you also don’t have to top-up your Dana account, for the recurring month, Medium will charge you Rp.65.000/month, you can always cancel it through the Appstore settings.

I haven’t found how to get your free memberships from Android phones yet, but I will share it over here once I found it.

Also, I could see that there are lots of writers already signed up for this publication, and I would like to give my appreciation to them for helping us in building this community.

Thank you for reading.



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