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Men, It’s Time to Unleash Our Demons

A 6 minutes guide to reclaiming your masculinity.

Picture by Fervent Jan on Unsplash

The moment I saw this quote somewhere on the internet, it was supposed to be funny. But now, the more I read about it, the more I understand how deep and rich the quote is.

Religion and culture associate demons with something evil that we must avoid in our lives. But demons aren’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just how we perceive them.

Just like Heaven coexists with Hell. The Saint version of ourselves coexists with the demon version of ourselves. No one in this world is purely good nor evil, we’re all a bit of a mixture of both things — just like the Yin and Yang symbol.

A few days ago, I saw my fellow men's Instagram stories crying about the women that they love leaving them, and I feel so cringe at them, but mostly at the old me.

Just like you, and everyone else in this world, I’ve had my heart broken. The feeling that makes you feel hopeless and make your life miserable. Trust me, I have been there, and things like that happened only when you loved someone more than you love yourself.

The truth is, I didn’t really care about myself back then, and I thought self-love is just bullshit. I kept trying my best to get her attention, and I did so many crazy things just to impress her.

I kept wondering why she left me. I asked myself this question countless times. But not until I have unleashed my demons that I found my answer to that question.

“Kenny the real reason that she left you is that you are incredibly cringe, weak, and ugly”. Just like that, I found my peace.

Because it takes the greatest courage to look yourself in the mirror and admit “You’re poor”, “You’re ugly”, “You’re fat”, “Your life is meaningless” and any other shits that you would tell other people, but you don’t even dare to say it to yourself.

It takes your demon to do that job for you, to admit these horrible traits of yours. Once you’re able to unleash those harsh words and say them out loud to yourself, you have taken the first step toward greatness.

Be honest about how miserable your life is, and I do mean it. Be really honest about how much you hate your job, be really honest about how much it hurts to be ignored, be really honest about how much you hate that person that you called “best friend”, just be honest about how you feel.

Be honest about something that burdens you, be honest about something that upset you. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and shout out that you’re miserable, your life is a mess, and you know you believe to have a much better life.

We are men, so we have to act like one. We are supposed to protect our loved ones, and how can you protect your loved ones unless you become better and stronger?

The moment you had admitted those horrible facts, that’s when you have to push yourself into becoming someone better.

Talking about being a man, it takes me a great yet painful journey to learn how to act like one. Back then I almost had no responsibility, I spent most of my time hanging out with my other jobless friends, and most of all I had no ambitions in life.

In a split second things changed when my Father passed away, someone who used to handle all of the family matters, someone who used to protect the whole family. Now, with me being the older child, I took his job, and become the head of the family.

For the first time in my life, I learned to be really focused on my shits, to have ambitions in my life, and most of all to become a man. I went from being someone who waited patiently in the groceries and getting cut by some random people to someone who is able to say “Don’t you ever dare cut my line”.

I went from being a yes man to someone who can say “Nope”. I went from a guy who asked “Wait, is there a party?” To “I’ll stop by if I can”. You see the difference, if someone who used to be as pathetic as I was before can do it, then you can do better than me.

“But Kenny, men have feelings and it’s okay to cry and be weak sometimes, you’re just one toxic writer” Call it what you want my fellow men, the world could unleash hell upon me and I wouldn’t even blink. People could be trash-talking me to death and I won’t even give a single damn, because I’m a F statue of Liberty — unshakable and standing still despite things.

Oh, I agree that even the strongest men in this world aren’t immune to pain. I lost a Father once, and boy it was one of the most hurtful things that I had ever been through, and it’s okay to cry, but… here’s the catch, do it when you’re alone. Do it in your room, in your car, and when you opened that door again, game face on baby.

I don’t want to sell my sad stories just to make the world a little kinder to me. I want people to unleash their hell upon me, I want them to spend their breath talking about my sins, convincing people that I’m a devil, but I’m no ordinary devil, I’m Lucifer — the king of all satan. Because as long as I don’t get defensive and attack them back, I’m winning every day — big F time. When you don’t care about other people’s opinions, you hold the leverage over people, and only by doing that you can truly focus on yourself and conquer your mission.

I don’t wake up every morning to impress people around me, I’m here to create my own legacy. I don’t have time to trash-talk people, I have a mission to complete, a day to conquer and a to-do list to be crossed. In the end, maybe they’re right that I’m a devil, but unlike them, I never in disguise. Because I’m comfortable with my own skin.

The only word that I wanted to say to people who ever doubted me is “Checkmate”.

Imagine you’re a father and you have a daughter that you loved the most. Do you want your daughter to marry a person who is whinny, or someone who can protect her in this world?

Keep your cool all the way, be indestructible, be bulletproof, and be a man. Write all of your responsibilities and take your time to grow, see all the aspects that you lack, and start working on them. You might be doing it wrong at the beginning, you might be suck at it, but hell it’s so much better than doing nothing at all.

Protect your loved ones, be kind and gentle to the people you care about the most, and be a monster when they’re threatened. Take meditation and learn how to control your emotions, regulate them, and direct them.

Take your things slowly, because you don’t want to run out of breath. Remember that you’re running a marathon here, everything you do will be in the long-term, you won’t be a true gentleman by reading this one article, you do it by mastery, something that you practice on a daily basis.

It’s time to stop whining about how unfortunate our fates are, but we could rather accept them, and grow something from them. You will not have time to be jealous of other people’s achievements, you will be rather motivated by them.

You will not have time to fight with strangers in the comment section, because you’re busy building the kind of life that you desire the most, you’re busy making yourself proud. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with your method, and vice-versa.

Focus on yourself, and ignore the rest. Keep your nose out of other people’s business, you’re not running a talk show here. I believe that we owe our ancestors something, we built the biggest dam and the tallest building, it’s time to make them proud King.

In the end, being masculine is not about punching other people or threatening them, it’s about responsibility. It’s about investing your time in yourself, scrolling TikTok is easier than writing an article on Medium, or why should I bother telling all these things to people that I don’t even know?

Because other fellow men also have helped me in the past, people like Hamza or Dr. Jordan Peterson, and it’s my time to contribute something to society.



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