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Success Is Not About Great Things, It’s All About Small Decisions That You Made

As small as choosing to read this article over watching Netflix.

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If I heard the words ‘success’ ten years ago, I would picture it as wealth, BMWs, a great mansion, and any other cool stuff in this world.

But it turns out the way I looked at success was wrong.

It’s not about the promotion that you got, how much money that you made or even the great cars that you bought. It’s not even about results, it’s all about the efforts.

Whatever your definition of success, it’s not about that big dream, but it is the accumulation of small decisions that you made along the way.

It’s not about losing weight, it’s about deciding to go to the gym 5 times a week, deciding to pick healthier foods, or deciding to ditch refined sugar.

It’s not about being rich and buy cool stuff, it’s about deciding to go to work, deciding to invent something cool, deciding to learn about financial stuff, or deciding to learn from your past mistakes.

You won’t be muscular by doing 100 push-ups for just once, you wouldn’t even notice something different in your body. But when you do that for one year straight, you might want to call yourself Ben Affleck when you look in front of the mirror.

It’s all about compounding interest. How small things could be developed into great things if you continue doing it. It’ll add up into something big one day.

There are three thousand books explaining Warren Buffet’s investment strategies because people were looking for a formula to be instantly rich. But most of the books failed to mention that this guy has been investing for 30 years.

I bet that if you had been investing for 30 years, you would make a fortune, and people will write a book about yourself.

I asked myself months ago, “What’s the use of writing on Medium? People barely even know I existed here” but somehow I kept doing it, knowing that it will lead me to some big results.

Here I am, with four months of my journey on Medium, I almost reach my 10k views/month. Even though it’s not something big, but looking back at how I started, I’m quite proud of the result.

And once again, it’s not about reaching 10k views every month. It’s all about the decision of researching for the next article to write, the decision to learn from other writers, or the decision to keep writing no matter I feel to do it or not.

I’m also proud that I could share this within my own publication. Raising my glass to the crazy ones, who never give up on life no matter what, who never stopped making decisions to improve their lives.


Still want to learn more?

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