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The Forgotten Piece of Mind in the Glimmers of #Goals

Stop Comparing, You Do You

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“You’re a good man with a good heart. And it’s hard for a good man to be king.”

— King T’Chaka to T’Challa, Black Panther (2018)

But what if I don’t want to be a king?
What if I just want to be a humble peasant?
What if I am happy with what I have now and feel enough?

Living in a society with social media, a place where everyone can share their opinions, achievements and show off freely might be a bit tricky. Sometimes it makes us want something that we never wanted just because others are talking about it there. When we saw our friend post her new house with #goals, we just want to have the same while actually we don’t need it and were happy with our current studio.

Or the worse, it creates a new standard in our circle. You are a loser if you don’t work in a multinational corporation, seated in a higher position, or don’t have a certain amount of annual income, etc.

Limiting the social media time helped me a lot to bring down the anxiety caused. But life during pandemics means our interactions are limited to only from screen to screen, which means an increase of screen time, moving from one social media platform to another one. Thus, I found it hard to control the rush of anxiety, especially the FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out.

It took me a few burnout weeks to finally remember one piece of mind from my old mentor:

You Do You

We live with a different storyline to others. We were born in different hospitals, different room, grew up in different environments and cultures, our needs and minds are different. So why bother matching up our success target to others?

Just because our friends choose one to value does not mean we also must have it. We are born not to be the same to others, but to complete each other.

I don’t mean to be a hard-stoned mind and closing ourselves to other opportunities. It is very normal to change our #goals, but always keep these 3 things in mind:

There Are So Many Definitions of #Goals.

One might think having lots of money is a success, others think having a big family is a success, etc. It is okay to have a different definition from others. Stop comparing your #goals to others.

Constantly Ask Yourself

“Is this what I really wanted? Have I ever wanted it in the past?” if not, “why does it change? Is it really matter to me? What will happen if I ignore this ‘new’ idea?”

But the most important question: “are you willing to go through all the troubles for this #goals?” If not, then move on.

Always Be Your Own Judge

Some people talk just for the sake to fill the air, not everything that they share must be taken by you. Well, you definitely can’t inhale all the air on the earth, so why bother to listen to all their words? You do you.


There are so many different ways to live. Let it be a king, queen, or pauper. All of those are noble as long as we live with dignity and not bother others. It is okay to not want to be a king and just wants to be a good man. You do you. After all, what makes living interesting is how diversified we are yet completing each other at the same time. If everyone wants to be a king, then who will be the people? Who will the king lead?



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