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When Occupation meets Passion

“Beyond hungry person and a person who does a things he doesn’t like”

Hi guys, how r u? How is your 13th day of fasting? I Hope all goes well! Trying to write under midnight and let see the result. Okay, first of all I’m not expecting that my medium will grow this fast. I want to thank to all of you who read and follow, even subscribing my email, it really means a lot! Totally I have >200 followers, >5.000 total views and published 40 articles since last year talking about philosophy, self-improvement, life experiences, and trash probably. The first article that I write in medium, I wrote it in Bahasa not english coz I know that my grammar are sucks as fuck. Till I change my perspective from writing to be popular to writing to improve my grammar and english -also to heal myself. I’m not sure, but in my opinion, as long as my reader gets my point, fucks grammar.

I broke my ankle. It really hurts. Last week, I played football with my friends and I fall in the wrong position. But, yeah it’s not that bad. Football is one of my escape besides writing. Oh shit I forgot, Happy Good Friday everyone. May God turn this Good Friday into a blissful beginning of your life. May God fill your life with goodness on this holy day. Even if I’m a moslem, but I always say all religious festivity because I believe God did not create us to be strangers to each other. I think he created us with different beliefs to teach us love and tolerate. So yeah, that’s just my opinion. The comment section is always open if you want to judge me. Hold up, where is my cigarettes?

before the tragedy lol

Okay, when occupation meets passion. Wkwkwk I’m not that good to create a headline. Zero experiences, I’m not lie. Now, I’m a full timer job in one agency in south Jakarta. My role is copywriting (at the beginning), but as the time goes on, I also do another task such as script writing, content writing, monthly report, article writing, decking, social media admin and content planner. Sometimes I also help other division’s job if I have a free time in my office. The reason behind why I take this job is because this job accordance with things that I love -writing. Write anything and everything. Either free writing or not.

If I could be the HR one day, the first question that I would ask to the applier is not his/her name, but “What kind of things do you love to do?” If the answer is accordance to the role, you’re in. Ooh I wish the twist of this world are like so. Coz I think if you don’t like what you do, then why u keep doing such things? Where’s your freedom then?

Most of us, in this world still doing things that we don’t love. I feel sad about that. Going to school, visiting our family, get up at 05.00 am, worship to a God, attending a lecture, get the task done, forced to doing a job and so on. It seems the reality are eroding our existence, doesn’t it? You’re such a naive bro, fuck my idealist and my existence. How can I fulfill my belly if I don’t get to work? I rather be doing things that I hate rather die with hunger. Motherfucker, nice argument and hail to Socrates.

Okay, my question: what is the equation between a hungry person and a person who does a things he doesn’t like? The unhappy. As a human, we always demand more about happiness and so do I. This perspective about happiness are already discussed since a thousand years ago in the Ancient Greek times. I also a normal mortal fucking humans like you, who doesn’t want to be in a position that doesn’t suits or make me uncomfortable. But for me, doing things that I don’t like and being hunger ain’t got no fucking different. It causes the unhappy. Just same result in a different way.

It’s hard choice and kind of dilemma. I’m grateful that I dodge this situation. My occupation already meets my passion and it’s a bless. However, I do still have to aware about it coz defending is harder than gaining. At the moment, I’m still happy with what I’m doing but the question is, can I consist with writing? What if I discover “my new fun”? Only time that can answer.

I hope any of you who are looking for a job can get it as soon as possible and I wish it accordance with your passion. For those of you who already in a job, make sure you love what you do. Be brave to reflect, and be wise when you make a decision. Know your happiness is better than anything, trust me. Selamat malam from Jakarta, happy long weekend folks!



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