Ruby, Go and C# Added to the Marketplace

We’ve got some exciting news to share! We’ve added three new languages to the marketplace (and we bet you can guess which ones by our headline). Now, you can export your code snippet in Ruby, Go and C# in addition to Node.JS, Python, PHP, Objective-C, Java and cURL.

Read on for why we chose each of these languages or jump straight to marketplace to test them out for yourself.

Ruby: Rapidly Build an App (pun intended)

We’ve been Ruby fans for a long time. In fact, our Developer Advocate David Noah first started programming with Ruby.

But why add Ruby to RapidAPI? The Rails framework helps you build an app very quickly by diminishing the overhead to get your app up and running. There’s a reason many startups build their first MVP (that’s minimum viable product for you non-startup peeps).

Go: Test APIs in a Newer Language

For a programming language that started in 2009, Go has some big name adoption. Dropbox, SoundCloud, Docker and of course, Google use Go.


In addition to being super fast and clean, Go is pretty fun to code with. Plus, having documentation as a standard feature does not suck. We’re happy to have it on the marketplace and see what you guys can build with it.

C#: Work with Enterprise Software

We’ll admit it. C# doesn’t exactly jump to the top of the list for sexy programming languages.

However, there are plenty of enterprise software programs that could be improved with APIs. And many of them are written in C#. We wanted to open up RapidAPI to as many developers and use cases as possible, so having C# was a must.

Missing your language? Suggest it!

If we don’t have the language that you need for your project, suggest it in the comments below! Otherwise, check out these new languages in the marketplace.