Jumpstart IoT Product Development on ESP32

ESP-Jumpstart (GitHub repository) is a production-ready, easy-to-customise firmware template that you can use to jumpstart your product development with ESP32 / ESP8266. ESP-Jumpstart builds a fully functional, ready to deploy “Smart Power Outlet” in a sequence of incremental tutorial steps.

Along with the ESP32 / ESP8266 firmware, ESP-Jumpstart includes phone applications(iOS/Android) for network configuration, and integrated with cloud agents (currently AWS IoT) to synchronise device state with the cloud.

ESP-Jumpstart implements a power outlet with the following functionality:

  • Allows and end-user to configure their home Wi-Fi network through phone applications (iOS/Android)
  • Switch on or off the GPIO output
  • Use a push-button to physically toggle this output
  • Allow remote control of this output through a cloud
  • Implement over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade
  • Perform Reset to Factory settings on long-press of the push-button
ESP-Jumpstart: Power Outlet

You can easily customise ESP-Jumpstart to convert it into your particular product by only writing your device drivers, and adapting the cloud agent accordingly. Everything else is already included.

Head over to the ESP-Jumpstart documentation and get started.