Wi-Fi Certification with ESP32

Kedar Sovani
Aug 12, 2018 · 4 min read

A fair number of questions come up regarding Wi-Fi certification for Wi-Fi enabled IoT products. Here is an attempt to answer some of the relevant ones.

Wi-Fi certification is a program by Wi-Fi Alliance that ensures that products that pass certification adhere to the interoperability and security requirements as laid out in the standard. It tests for protocol compliance.

This is different from regulatory certification (like FCC in the US) which is mandatory since it tests that the electromagnetic emissions from a product are under safe limits.

Is Wi-Fi certification mandatory for all?

Derivative Certification using ESP32

The benefit of derivative certification is that you won’t have to perform all the Wi-Fi certification tests on your product. You just carry forward the results from the source Wi-Fi module to your product. This saves money and importantly, time, for getting the product certified.

For additional details about the derivative certification please refer to the Certifications Overview - Derivative Certificate document on the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

The modules ESP32-WROVER and ESP32-WROOM-32D are already certified with Wi-Fi Alliance (Certificates in PDF form: ESP32-WROVER, ESP32-WROOM-32D). If you are using these modules in your product you can use derivative certification for certifying your products. If you are using an ESP32 module from another vendor, please check with them for that module’s Wi-Fi Alliance certification status.

Steps for Derivative Certification

  • Once you are a member, login to the certification system and click on New Derivative Product Certification.
  • Choose the Source Company as Espressif Inc (If you are using Espressif’s WFA certified modules). Choose your organisation’s name as the Target Company.
  • Choose the Product that you are deriving from. If you are using Espressif’s WFA certified module, you may use WFA77915 for ESP32-WROVER, or WFA77387 for ESP32-WROOM.
  • Go to the next page: Product Information
  • Mention any changes you may have done to the subsystems as indicated in the page.
  • Go to the next page: Product Designators
  • Fill in the appropriate designators for your product. Select the closest matching Primary Product Category. For example, if your product is a refrigerator, select Refrigerator from the list. If applicable, also select the Secondary Product Category.
  • Go to the next page: Review Application
  • Make sure everything is in order, make the payment and submit the application.
  • The WFA staff will review the submission and if everything is in order, will grant you the Wi-Fi certification.

Full Wi-Fi Certification

Steps for Wi-Fi Certification

  1. Once you are a member, identify an 802.11n Test Plan from Wi-Fi Alliance website that you will use for certification.
  2. Perform the tests in-house to ensure that all the tests pass.
  3. Login to the certification system and click on New Product Certification.
  4. Fill up the required information and complete the application process.
  5. Co-ordinate with your nearest, or convenient, Authorised Test Lab (ATL) for test logistics. Details about the labs can be found here. Schedule a test of your product in the laboratory.
  6. Conduct the tests at the ATL.
  7. The ATL will attach the full test report to your application.
  8. Answer questions, if any, during the review process.
  9. Get Wi-Fi certification.

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