5 Summer Updates From The Establishment

We started the Matter accelerator program at the beginning of June—what does that mean for you?

What We’ve Been Up To…

As a result of our audience’s unimaginably generous financial support, The Establishment team was able to accept a position in the Matter media accelerator. We dove headfirst into the program at the beginning of June, and have spent our days since learning/connecting/experimenting/building; in short: doggedly working to secure an ethical, sustainable path forward for The Establishment.

What, exactly, does this all mean in concrete terms? Well, a few things…

1. Most pertinently: we’re relaunching our membership community!

We’ve heard from you that many of you (s)heroes are keen to dive into our membership program — but either lack Medium accounts, or have had some difficulties signing up. So we’re thrilled to present our new membership program, which includes:

  • A more-seamless-than-ever signup process
  • Bonus Establishment content
  • Breaking news on our latest events and initiatives
  • A complete archive of our locked content

2. We’ve got other cool, brand-new stuff coming down the pipelines!

  • Online Seminars: Ijeoma recently hosted The Establishment’s inaugural online seminar on writing the personal and political, which marks merely the beginning of such digital class offerings. Stay tuned for details on upcoming classes!
  • Events: If you’re in/near/around/visiting the Bay Area in early September, please do come out for an Establishment arts variety show and panel discussion on gender and technology! It’s all happening September 7th in San Francisco at the super cool StoreFrontLab. There will be art, amazing writers, films, cocktails, and even some boogying in an atrium.
  • Writer of the Week: We recently launched a Writer of the Week series, so you can get to know our inimitable cast of creators better — new profiles drop every Monday!

3. We’re in the midst of iterating and experimenting — and open to exploring any/all brand partnerships opportunities!

…Or ways we can revamp or expand our newsletter and Sponsor-A-Story initiatives. Please do drop a line to partnerships[at]theestablishment[dot]co if you’re interested in exploring ways we may engage in some mutual bolstering — creativity welcome!

4. We’re also, temporarily, on a reduced publishing schedule.

As we compile both community and outside insights, build a formidable partnership network, expand our membership offerings, and more broadly experiment with various business models, we’ve had to take a step back from our brisk publishing pace.

But we plan to meet and exceed our previous gait within a few short months—and in the meantime, we’re still delivering 20–25 pieces of new, original content each month, along with some revamped hit stories from the past.

5. Matter. is offering us the space, knowledge, resources, and community to build the biggest and brightest future possible for The Establishment.

Not only are we participating in hands-on learning with 11 other incredible media startups — whose commitment to building a more informed, connected, and empathetic society is as inspiring as it is humbling — but we’re gaining guidance, support, and mentorship from fellow startup founders and industry titans alike.

Any support you can offer as we wend our way through the program would be deeply appreciated.

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