Amazing Opportunities For Freelance Writers!

Hey freelancers! Here’s this week’s list of writing markets. Plenty of stuff here, so happy pitching!

MULIEBRAL — Spill your guts, bare your soul, and tell the world your most humiliating secrets on our whimsical and light-hearted website. Contributors are contracted to provide photos, podcasts, and at least three infographics to accompany their work, and are also expected to interact with abusive commenters and trolls. We will be the sole owner of your soul work. Pay is sufficiently insulting to excite your martyr complex.

ALBUQUERQUE GARDENER — We’re interested in articles containing practical, how-to information on gardening in Albuquerque. Please don’t send your cockamamie Roswell pitches to us — our inboxes are overflowing and it’s just really annoying, folks. Payment is $10 flat fee for 2000-word features, provided the article meets a minimum number of web views with click through to banner ads.

SURVIVAL AMERICAN — Other survival magazines give the impression that you need fancy freeze-dried foods, a massive gun collection, and a 50-acre secluded retreat on a remote mountaintop that can only be accessed by your tricked-out H2 Hummer. As attractive as that sounds, the average Joe needs more down-to-earth tips. That’s where you come in. Preserving your own food, choosing affordable gear, how to best cope with nuclear war and societal collapse — that’s all good stuff. Best chance to break in for first-time contributors is probably the FOB Turkey Hunting section. Payment is 8 cents a word, less for shorter pieces.

FEATHERS! — As most of our writers are based in Hawk Mountain, PA, freelancers located just about anywhere else with access to birds have a leg up on the competition. Contributors should have an advanced degree in ornithology or at the very least, have studied some discipline of bird migration at Cornell. If I get one more “10 Quirky Things You Didn’t Know About John James Audubon” pitch, I’ll kill myself. Recent articles written by freelancers include: “How to Tell a Roseate Spoonbill from an Ill-behaved Toddler” and “Aviary Cads: 160 Birds that Don’t Mate for Life.” Stories generally run 2500–3000 words. Pays 6 cents a word.

THAT’S MY TEDDY — This is the only magazine that embraces the joy of teddy bear collecting. Helping readers understand cost, design, and the emotional implications of being an avid collector of stuffed animals are our chief concerns. It’s very hard to break into the magazine, so try writing for our blog first. Email with links to clips you’ve already published on this subject (major, national publications only) along with a few paragraphs about your idea, how you intend to approach it, and a detailed outline. Pays 4 cents per article.

TRAILER LIFE AND TIMES — Written for and by discerning RVers. Well-written and in-depth features should explore culture, trends, legislation, beer can wind chimes and, for our March issue, the “Fly Swatter Controversy.” We’ve been known to publish the odd humor piece but only if it really tickles. Pays $2.00/word plus travel expenses.

HOBBS MAGAZINE — Covers profiles, events, trends, politics, dining, architecture, folklore, lifestyles including LGBT, hiking trails, and the arts in Hobbs, New Mexico. If you pitch a Roswell story, you will be blacklisted indefinitely, so think before you hit send. Pays up to 3 cents a word plus a free contributor’s copy.

PAPERPLANES — The budget for first-time PAPERPLANES writers is $1 per page as printed in the magazine, including illustrations/photos, but that may be decreased at the editor’s discretion. After your first PAPERPLANES appearance, the rate increases to $2 per page. Please read at least two issues of the magazine before submitting–it looks very bad when we see a writer is not intimately familiar with PAPERPLANES. That being said, if you come up with just one idea for our venerated, 150-year-old publication, we will be very grateful.

I CAN’T EVEN — A new publication that focuses on artistic expression and business leadership and the visionaries behind them. I CAN’T EVEN probes the explosive point where media fuses with ideas, and industry takes technology out to dinner and then has rough sex with it. I CAN’T EVEN is printed on high quality, poster-size glossy paper and is poised to become a collector’s item for anyone fortunate enough to obtain a copy. The magazine will be available in six star hotels and private charter jets, both domestically and internationally. Payment is $3 a word but the odds of our ever accepting an unsolicited pitch are grim.

CONSEQUENTIAL LIVING — CONSEQUENTIAL LIVING is a bimonthly lifestyle magazine that promotes physical health, financial prosperity, and mental wellness, all from a Christian perspective. Articles should be written in a breezy, fresh, easy-to-read style and should tackle topics surrounding Creation such as “Why Did Adam Get To Name The Animals?” and “The True Story Behind The Fourth Day.” Sidebars are discouraged. We purchase world serial rights and reprint rights. No LGBT stories until 2026.

ROSWELL ILLUSTRATED — If you’ve written about extraterrestrial life, conspiracy theories, or secret U.S. military Air Force surveillance balloons crashing into the desert, we’d definitely be open to hearing from you. We pay competitive rates in Klingon Marks.


Lead image: Flickr/Eelke