An Illustrated History Of Female Ejaculation

By Cat O Dowd

Have you ever wondered what exactly just happened or why you can’t do that? You’re not alone; female ejaculation remains one of life’s greatest mysteries. Like aliens, telepathy, and inter-special friendships, our fascination with this undeniable phenomenon belies a woeful ignorance of it.

Part of the problem is stigma; how can we make progress on something when it’s so routinely maligned? In fact, even depicting female ejaculation in the U.K. is illegal, and dubious studies have been published basically insisting that it’s glorified incontinence.

People fret because they can do it, people fret because they can’t do it, and people fret because they’re not quite sure what the hell this delectable liquid even is. (Some studies say there are actually two fluids released at time of orgasm — a classic milky white ejaculate similar to what penises produce and the “squirting” fluid, which often has traces of urine.)

But today, we’re not here to tell you what this wonder-fountain is, but to prove that we’ve been obsessed with it . . . for just about forever. Behold: Here’s the history behind the world’s most controversial 10 teaspoons of vaginal joy.


Illustrations by Elizabeth Feder

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