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Letter sent on Sep 22, 2017

Autumnal Fever

Bonjour bonjour bonjour.

Autumn is here dear ones! And despite my longitude and latitude finding me squarely in Oakland, California where seasons are dubiously marked by almost inscrutable subtleties like 5 degree temperature drops and just a bit more of that wondrous swooshing noise that corduroy makes…

I swear it feels like fall today. All the little hairs on my neck are bristling with change, with possibility. The cool air hiding in pockets in my house; the slanting burnished light of late morning; the summer street flowers pushing their last petals into the rustling wind before going to seed — everything feels like a swan song today.

And I love it. Let us end this season — a season (like so many before it) that has been marked by the claustrophobic clutchings of fear, of sorrow, of the realization that America has much. further. to. go. than we ever dreamed…

and throw our shoulders against the collective door of the recent past. The contents of that closet are bulging, irate at their silencing; claws creep between the hinges to claw us, throaty ragged threats are seeping through the cracks onto the floorboards.

But we’re going to throw open a brand new door and try again.

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

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Stop Trying To Feel Good About Trump Supporters And Get To Work

By Ijeoma Oluo

Yes, the primary speaker is a black man, but who is really being centered in this video? Who is being humanized? Who do you walk away from this video saying, “see — they aren’t as bad as we think?”

It’s not the BLM activists being humanized — they are having to showcase a certain set of behaviors in order to even be seen as human. They are having to highlight how they aren’t “like other black people” in order to even be heard.

They have to be proud Americans, Christians, eloquent speakers, willing to shake hands with White Supremacists — all while White Supremacists in the audience scream that Eric Garner was a criminal who deserved to die.

‘You Can Go As Far As You Like In My Great Big Oldsmobile!’

By Katie Tandy

On this fine fine Friday I offer you a deeply offensive cartoon commercial, hailing from the steamingly sexist bowels of 1932.

There’s Peeping Toms — one of which is a clock! — casual break and entry, oh-so-cheeky gropings under duress, a fist fight, euphemistic candy licking, and a good ol’ fashioned damsel-in-distress rescue. (Although to the cartoon writer’s credit, at least our heroine gets to hurl a few insults and glass objects at her tormenter. . .)

The best part of all? All this tumultuous romance is merely a foil for Oldsmobile!

Single-Payer Health Care Must Come With Reproductive Coverage

By Hanna Brooks Olsen

Without express federal protections for abortion that actively require states to expand access and coverage, the question remains: Even if we pass comprehensive universal health care, could it be whittled away by states looking to curb coverage and access?

Regardless of a person’s moral beliefs about abortion, there is an inalienable case to be made that abortion on demand is an economic imperative. Yet the party has made it clear in recent months that it views abortion services as an optional or superfluous part of the left’s agenda.

When You’re On The Autistic Spectrum, Consent Is Complicated

By Lola Phoenix

In hindsight, I can’t tell you if being so willing to follow rules made it easier for my babysitter to sexually abuse me, or if being sexually abused — multiple times between the ages of 3 and 9 — made me invest even more in the rules.

Maybe I believed that one day the right combination of rules would keep me safe from the sexual aggressors that I, even as a child — as someone society reads as female — held responsibility for defending myself from.

The Dirty Capitalism Of The American Disaster Economy

By India Amos

The principles of economics are fairly simple: By serving as a broker between consumers and goods, corporations are able to churn a nice profit. In times of crisis, economists’ common defense for price gouging is that it boosts the local economy by relying on supply and demand principles to dictate where vendors should set their prices in order to turn the highest profit.

But this ideology, though logically grounded, is ethically flawed; by serving as a gatekeeper between impending victims of a natural disaster and resources that can potentially save their lives, businesses create a veritable human rights crisis.

What Can Laughter Do For Social Justice?

By Stephanie Newman

Superiority theory states that when somebody laughs at another person, they feel superior to the party who’s the butt of the joke. In cases where the people laughing are more oppressed than those they’re laughing at, the solidarity can bring with it a sense of power.

As Jazmine Hughes wrote in The New Republic, “By making fun of white people, people of color can, in a small way, push back against stereotypes, opposing racial humor by inverting it.” Hughes gives an example: “If you are a black person in the 1800s, and there’s a white man who owns you, beats you, and tears your family apart, then it’s totally fine to crack a joke about his waistcoat to your friends.”




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