Behold The Glory Of The Holi-daze!

Photography by Lauren Rosenfield
On December 14th, we had a storytelling event and it was just about the best thing ever. (Even without our crushing bias.)

I n the understatement of a lifetime, the holidays can be a fraught time.

They can also be magical and full of wonder…

So in honor of this occasionally heinous, sometimes lovely, and always whirlwind-y time of year, we wanted our community to gather ‘round and celebrate the season Establishment-style…

That meant effervescent libations, piles of cheese, twinkle lights, and some of the best storytelling in the Bay.

Carol Hood! July Westhale! Andrea Grimes! Alexandra Naughton! and Ingrid Rojas Contreras! all joined Sophia Foster-Dimino (who drew their stories on a projector overhead in real time AS THEY WERE READ OUT LOUD) to create one of the most wonderful nights I’ve had in a long time.

I’m not even just saying that. I can’t say enough nice things about the talent, kindness, wit, brilliance, and joie de vivre of these women.

I’d say, “YOU HAD TO BE THERE” but that’s only half true.

You can listen to all their readings RIGHT THE HELL HERE.

Storytelling revelers mingled, noshed, swayed, and laughed before the show.

That’s me happily yammering like a champ giving too-long introductions to each one of these humans I so admire. (I also admire all the folks who helped get this event off the ground — like Matter, which generously donated their space; Medium, which helped sponsor the event; and all our wonderful pals who made drinks, took photos (!), did sound, and sold tickets.)

That’s July, who kicked things off with a sing-along of “Reading Rainbow” (be still my heart). Carol Hood took the stage next with her own incredible—and harrowing—#Metoo tale.

Ingrid regaled us with a story of going home for the holidays to her partner’s family…who had voted for Trump. When they went around the table to say what they were thankful for she smiled in their faces. “I want to thank everyone who voted for the right side of history.”

(On the right, that’s me raffling off an incredible Lioness vibrator. Painter Christa Palazzolo won.)

Alexandra Naughton read next and discovered—JUST LIKE A BEAUTIFULLY BAD 1950s MOVIE—that the Christmas spirit was inside her all along…!

Good lord. Then Andrea Grimes brought it all home with her essay about her aunts arguing about the Big Cats of Texas. Complete with about five different accents. It was hilarious. Full stop.

On the right, that’s Lioness founder Liz Klinger with the wonderful Est. co-founders Kelley Calkins and Nikki Gloudeman.

That’s Carol Hood talking to Peter Mortensen of Matter; Lauren Rosenfield; Ingrid with her partner; Alexandra Naughton gets into it with her pal…
and that’s me clutching my chest in joy and appreciation at the end of the event.)

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