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We’re on the prowl—hunting the hills and dales like the most discerning of leopards—for partners. Not lovers, but ethical, diversity-championing businesses of all sizes that share our vision of a more equitable world.

While The Establishment’s mission has always been predicated on offering space to marginalized populations and speaking truth to power—few things are worth fighting for more than justice and equality (across gender, class, ability, and racial lines) — in the wake of the election, we find our work has never been more vital.

We’re looking for partners who understand the vital importance of representation—not just in journalism—but across every facet of our existence.

We will be partnering with larger brands on innovative initiatives designed to reach new markets and sow a great garden of egalitarianism.

But we’re also committed to working with and bolstering smaller, independent companies that share our values and dogged commitment to diversity. We see this not only as a means of sustaining the independent media we produce, but of promoting the crucial work of like-minded organizations.

The Establishment readership . . . is fantastic.

Every month The Establishment welcomes more than 950,000 dedicated, brilliant readers who care about our mission and actively engage with our content.

We don’t have an audience; we have a community.


No matter the scope of your brand, we offer competitive rates on:

— Custom-branded sponsored content created in-house by our editorial staff

— High-design, innovative ads tailored to specific stories and series

— Social media promotions targeted to our 64,000+ highly engaged Twitter, Facebook, and Medium fans

— Inventive newsletter campaigns

— A collaborative, creative-as-hell team ready to foster a true partnership

And that’s not all folks!

— Since launching in October 2015, we’ve welcomed nealy 8 million unique visitors and garnered more than 11 million pageviews.

— Our audience is 34 times more engaged than the top 25 brands on Twitter.

— Readers stay on our site twice as long as the industry average.

— 66% of our readers are women — representing a market that, over the next decade, will control two-thirds of consumer wealth.

Let’s build a new Establishment together.

Email to get started!

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