Whenever A White Supremacist Says…

What happens when a white man breaks the same rules white supremacists use to justify police officers killing black people?

Whenever a white supremacist says to you:

“Police officers wouldn’t have to murder black people if only black people would stop resisting and just obey the police officers.”

“Well, the black person had a gun/knife/made furtive movements, so the officers had to kill them.”

“Well, the black person was on drugs and/or behaved criminally, so police had no choice but to kill them.”

“It’s not about race! Any person of any race who behaved like that black person would have to be be killed by cops! You don’t understand what it’s like to be a police officer and have to make split second decisions! It’s you or them!”

“But the cops feared for their lives! It had nothing to do with race!”

“The jury knows the cops are the good guys, so it makes sense that the juries side with the cops and not the victim. It’s not a race thing!”

Point them to the story of a white/white-appearing dudebro named Jared Steven Leone of Beaverton, Oregon.

Chad, 19 and high as fuck on angel dust or PCP or mushrooms or whatever, walked into Beaverton City Hall.

City. Hall. The main official building of any city.

Unprovoked, Brett attacked the police officers on duty.

Connor disregarded ALL requests to stop resisting and actually went after the officers.

During the scuffle, the police said Josh had superhuman strength and that they couldn’t get Austin to comply no matter what they did. They said they tased his ass mad times and nothing stopped Logan from beating the fire out of them.

Then, in his Hulk-ass rage, Dillon grabbed one of the police officers’ gun.

Not only did Zach grab the gun, but he announced that he was going to kill the police officers and fired off a round.

At police officers. In City Hall.

But the gag is:


The cops didn’t kill Cody.

Even after Reid broke EVERY. SINGLE. RULE. and did EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that white supremacists claim justifies police officers killing black people.

Tucker was finally taken down by seven police officers. He was brought to the precinct. He was charged. He was granted $50,000 bail, which he posted.

And then, when his court date finally arrived, Tanner was given three years probation and a fine.

Undoubtedly, white supremacists will deny that this is the norm. They will call this exceptional and recall a time in 1751 when a white person let an enslaved black person go free and how a black person in kindergarten bullied them once and so Reverse Racism™. They will pull out insufficient and, therefore, unreliable FBI statistics and make circular, lacking-in-context-and-rigor arguments about black criminality and white victimhood. Anything to deny that anti-black racism and white supremacy are the core factors in these interactions.

But the fact remains:

  1. White supremacists (of all colors) are liars. They know it and it’s time we knew it, too. Don’t believe shit they say and don’t bother arguing with them about it. They are as immune to facts and objective reality as they are experts at manipulating and misrepresenting them.
  2. The system is baseline designed to preserve white life and destroy black life. It doesn’t give a shit how dangerous and murderous the white life is or how compliant and respectable the black life is. White life is granted every opportunity and black life is denied every opportunity. That is the function of the American justice system. That is, in fact, what America means by “justice.”
  3. Cops are the complicit sentinels, the front-line soldiers, in the anti-black project. They are trained and conditioned to react to our skin as though it is a contamination that needs to be eliminated. The race of the cop is immaterial. This is why it doesn’t matter if we’re unarmed and obedient when they murder us. Their job is to kill us one by one so that the history books will never record it as a genocide and America can continue pretending that it’s innocent. Stop being befuddled about this.
  4. All of this stems from a profound inferiority complex that all white supremacists possess. It’s not that they think we are inferior; it’s that they think they are inferior and having us around — alive, flourishing, brilliant, artful, complex, and shimmering — reminds them of just how inferior they feel. And because they possess no creativity, kindness, or ingenuity, they rely on the most dull and debased aspects of human existence to remedy a situation their scared asses can scarcely comprehend.
  5. No matter how we dress, think, walk, talk, behave, bow, lie down, dance, shuffle, step, fetch, march, protest, pray, or be silent, black life will never be safe in this country. This nation is an anti-black machine, built for the sole purpose of grinding us to dust it can snort to keep itself high — and it is offended and appalled by our attempts to escape that fate. Collective resistance is all that stands between us and annihilation. And that’s the conundrum because not even all black people can be trusted. As you will come to know, ideology trumps identity. If there’s anything you should pray for and work towards, it should be discernment. It’s the greatest weapon in our arsenal.
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