Donor Matches, Events, Online Seminars, Oh My!

The joyful head-shaking of stunned disbelief, the glistening tears of gratitude, the stuttering, repetitious expressions of appreciation…Oscar-winner thank-you speeches seem like the only appropriate analogy for what these last few weeks have felt like.

Since kicking off our first major fundraising push on March 7th, we’ve raised $31,200.88 — via swag purchases, our Sponsor-A-Story initiative, brand partnerships, our membership community, and good old-fashioned donations. (Not to mention being the delighted and deeply moved recipients of an incredible outpouring of messages of support and appreciation.)

Which is my stereotypically long-winded way (we all have our personal brands!) of saying: Thank you to the tremendous community of humans who’ve shown up to help keep The Establishment around for the long haul. Because of your generosity, we’re well on our way to sustainability.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re not just 40% of the way to our goal of raising $75,000 by June 1: An anonymous donor has agreed to match any money we raise in April and May — up to $10,000.

So yes, that means any dollar you decide to shoot our way will actually be $2…! Magic.

Find all the various ways you can support us here!

And, on top of continuing to support substantive media by the internet’s most talented marginalized creators, you’ll also be aiding us as we expand into brand new territories, including:


  • The ball is now, officially, rolling on The Establishment’s first in-person bonanza — slated for April 23 in Seattle at the Northwest Film Forum; This Is What Resistance Looks Like. The inimitable Ijeoma Oluo will be at the helm, flanked by the hilarity of comedians Brett Hamil and El Sanchez, and the brilliance of artist and activist Nikkita Oliver. Basically it’s going to have all the brilliance, humor, and evisercerating insight you’ve come to expect from us in the digital realm… but in real, living/breathing human form. And oh yeah, there will also be a handful of wonderfully weird short films. Get yer tickets here!

Online Seminars!

  • Seeking to interact human-to-human with Establishment staffers and writers and sad that you don’t live in Seattle? Despair no longer! Official Est. seminars are coming. your. way. The first will feature Ijeoma, with her masterful class on writing the personal and the political, in May. Details and other masterclasses will be announced shortly…!

It’s been a long, taxing journey working alongside the illustrious team at The Establishment to recalibrate our business model in the wake of a string of unexpected curveballs and, admittedly, a bit painful to ask for help.

But you — our esteemed community of brilliant writers and unspeakably generous readers — have showed up in ways we could never have imagined.

Y’all are the real heroes.

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