Est. Of The Week: Trump Supporters, Atheism, And Online Dating

Long week? Looking to take a load off by reading in-depth stories about institutionalized racism and sexism, religious identity, and progressive politics? Have we got you covered! Welcome to “Est. of the Week,” our round-up of the best stories, tweets, and videos you may have missed, all featuring marginalized voices, and all worthy of discussion at your weekend dinner party.

#ObamaAndKids very much included.

Top Reads

“What It’s Really Like To Work In Hollywood* (*If You’re Not A Straight White Man)
By Melena Ryzik for The New York Times

“What do you do when someone says, ‘Your color skin is not what we’re looking for’?”

Hey, have you heard that Hollywood is a white boys’ club? In this in-depth (and elegantly designed) interview series, 27 industry insiders share their personal experiences with racism and sexism to call out the entertainment industry for being, well . . . you know. A must-read in preparation for the #OscarsSoWhite telecast.

“You Will Be Tokenized
By Molly McArdle for Brooklyn magazine

“If people in publishing genuinely believe that books save people’s lives, their output shows they believe only certain lives to be worth the trouble.”

The book publishing industry’s lack of diversity is surprising to no one. But for all the bloviating about there being a problem, very little seems to ever actually change. Here, MacArdle speaks to those in the trenches to shed light on a “monoculture” that’s kept far too many voices sidelined.

“The Single American Woman
By Rebecca Traister for New York Magazine

“Single women are taking up space in a world that was not designed for them. They make up a new republic, a new category of citizen.”

In this exhaustive, enlightening long-read — adapted from the book All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation — Traister examines the growing influence of single women on progressive politics.

“Obama Nominates African American Woman To Be Librarian Of Congress
By Peggy McGlone for The Washington Post

“If confirmed by the Senate, Hayden, 63, will be the first woman and the first African American in the position.”

ICYMI, history has been made.

“Negative Space: On Asexuality And Atheism
By Anne Marquette for The Toast

“I define a large part of myself by what I don’t feel. I have never felt the presence of a higher power, so I call myself an atheist. I have never felt sexual attraction, so I call myself asexual.”

What happens when a large part of your identity is shaped by words that suggest something is amiss? A thoughtful read from a reliably thoughtful publication.

“We Can Do Better
By Olivia Olivia For Medium

“We deserve ethically sourced writing and creative labor. We deserve to learn about race in a humane way that does not perpetuate racism — does not leave our writers in unhealthy, illegal working conditions.”

Our own Olivia Olivia, author of “No White Women, I Will Not Be Voting For Hillary,” details why she left The Portland Observer amidst increasingly unjust working conditions . . . and shares the all-too-common course of action taken by her white male editor after she departed.

“Measuring Donald Trump’s Supporters For Intolerance
By Lynn Vavreck for The New York Times

“ . . . a third of Mr. Trump’s (and Mr. Cruz’s) backers believe that Japanese internment during World War II was a good idea.”

You likely already assumed that many of Trump’s supporters were racist, sexist, homophobic, and [insert despicable -ist or -obic here]. But did you know it was this bad?

“On Being Black In The Kitchen
By Rachel Khong for Lucky Peach

“I did a little research and I’m going through everything that I can possibly find, and there are maybe one or two minority chefs recognized by the James Beard Foundation a year, if that. It’s pretty fucking sad.”

A black chef in Seattle opens up about racism in fine-dining kitchens.


Top Videos And Twitter Threads

“It’s Time To Acknowledge That Parenting Is Real Work

Ariana Huffington denounces the amount of unpaid labor women are expected to do — just days after a Huffington Post editor defends not paying writers by saying they produce better work. Cue the cries of hypocrisy.

“Need To Rant Briefly

A white, male, Southern Republican attorney speaks out about the cops framing his young, black, male client — and how (surprise) there were zero consequences for the cop.


Obama. Kids. Cuteness. Enjoy.

“Looking For Love On The Internet
The Late Show With Larry Wilmore

Oh hey, look, it’s our very own Emma Tessler — co-founder of The Dating Ring and the fearless writer behind “Yes, Your Dating Preferences Are Probably Racist” — hitting the streets of New York to talk race and online dating on one of our favorite late-night shows! Cool!


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