Everything Wrong With ‘Thomas Jefferson Dreams Of Sally Hemings’

Oh hey hi hello and welcome to this week’s hot-off-the-presses Unscrewed podcast!

This fine Tuesday, we find Jaclyn at the helm of another Spare Parts quickiesode — in just 15 minutes, she’ll traverse the warm waters of lady-centric slang (woman up!), lambast the blood-boiling literary phenomenon that is Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings (which is basically 624 pages of gag-inducing rape culture — yours for $18.65 in hardcover, CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY!), and get very personal alongside Alice Bradley and Deanna Zandt about sexual assault and the painful phenomenon of gaslighting your own memories.

And yes! There will be a moment of levity, but ya gotta wait for it like a good warrior.


Get your intel on with this episode’s reference materials:

The League of Awkward Unicorns podcast: “Are you mentally ill? Yes you are. Trust us!” LISTEN: Anger is a Balm (With Jaclyn Friedman)

The Four Femmes on the Thames let us know why the world should Woman Up and grow a hairy twat.

NPR calling Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemingsbrave and wondrous!

The Washington Post on Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings: “It’s heartbreaking. It’s cathartic. It’s utterly brilliant.


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