‘Gentlemen Prefer Hanes!’

Happy Sexist Saturday dear Establishers — welcome to this week’s Vintage Video hailing from the mind-coffers of 1977.

I bet you didn’t know that the “world of art” was comprised of red berets, candelabra, and pantyhose. That’s because you’re a philistine.

I bet you also didn’t know men preferred human flesh to look like a table leg. That’s because you’re a daft, lumpy plebeian who’ll never find love.

I bet you didn’t know Hanes will make you, “smooth and silky, shapely and sexy!”

I’m gonna go ahead and say, I don’t think these copywriters consulted their lawyers on this one. I feel like the Federal Trade Commission should have flagged the living shit out of this ad as perjurious hogwash. Who KNOWS what the art world looks like, but I sure as fuck know all about nylons — and they aren’t at all what Hanes would have you believe.

Have you ever worn a pair of nylons? No? Then consider yourself #blessed: the elastic pinches all the fat around your stomach leaving those pink, painful seam-dents on your hips; the crotch is somehow always sagging (despite the suffocating elastic) and prohibits any normal movement of your legs and makes it look as though you’re suffering from some kind of rare deformity; your skin is rendered a monochromatic hue guaranteed to clash with the color of your face and arms; and every time one leg brushes the other there is a barely audible scratching of plastic on plastic that makes one’s teeth itch.

BUT. I am super into men lowering their giant, maybe-bifocals as I walk by to ogle my body. Especially if they’re artists. Also, who doesn’t want a formal portrait of themselves with a shellacked helmet-head clad in a white wizard-sleeved banlon dress. AND THEN GETTING TO WEAR THAT SAME DRESS TO THE ART OPENING SO THERE’S NO QUESTION AS TO WHO THAT PORTRAIT IS OF.


Soooo, maybe this whole nylon thing is worth it after all?

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