Happy Birthday Est.: Ijeoma’s Editor Picks

Next week, The Establishment will celebrate its one-year birthday. In honor of the milestone, we’re popping the champagne…and sharing our editors’ favorite stories so far. Today, our esteemed and brilliant Editor-at-Large Ijeoma Oluo weighs in. Stay tuned in the coming days for more favorites from our founding staff.

My Friends Would Rather Have Their Guts Cut Open Than Be Like Me


This piece is so raw and honest, I almost couldn’t finish it. An unflinching look at the way society views fatness, and the ways in which it makes fat people view themselves.

Replace ‘Crazy’ With The Adjective You Actually Mean


My goal for 2016 has been to work at removing ableism from my words and actions. Katie Klabusich does an amazing job at discussing why it’s important for us to start relying on words other than “crazy” to not only remove harmful ableism from our language, but to also start saying what we really mean.

The Dangerous Myth Of Media Objectivity


Some pieces seem like simple fact when you read them, until you realize that what you’re reading hasn’t really been said before. Aaron Kappel asks the questions we all should be asking — why did we ever think that media was objective and why did we ever think it should be? As an admittedly and thoroughly biased writer with an obvious agenda, I really enjoyed this read.

McConaughey On Being McConaughey


I’m the first editor to make this list so I’m the one who gets to include everyone’s favorite without looking like a copycat. EAT MY SHORTS KELLEY.

No, White Women, I Will Not Be Voting For Hillary


Regardless of what you will vote this election, know that this article is full of fiery truth and should be read. An important reminder that the day after election day, we’re all going to have to look someone harmed by our choices in the eye and explain where their priorities fell on our lists.

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