Happy Birthday Est.: Ruchika’s Editor Picks

Next week, The Establishment will celebrate its one-year birthday. In honor of the milestone, we’re popping the champagne . . . and sharing our favorite stories so far. Today, our lovely and savvy Contributing Editor, Ruchika Tulshyan, weighs in with her picks, as well as some background on joining the team.

Read Ijeoma Oluo’s picks here and Jessica Sutherland’s picks here, and stay tuned in the coming days for more favorites from our founding staff.


“We’re rebuilding the media as we know it,” Kelley told me over a glass of champagne in a French bistro in Seattle.
“We’re calling it . . . The Establishment.”

So began my foray into one of the most exciting ventures in my journalism career thus far. Being asked to join the team of an entirely women-funded-and-run media company, where 50% of us are women of color, is the type of media I grew up wishing for as a girl in Singapore. I never saw people who looked, talked, and thought like me, even in the American newspapers and magazines I would greedily stockpile to escape the drudgery of local media. It was like we didn’t exist.

As a journalist, I’ve long written about women in the workplace, but somewhere along the line, I got disillusioned by the corporate feminism I kept encountering. With a profound lack of intersectionality, I was frustrated by the existing media’s version of feminism, which focused on cis, white, straight, non-immigrant, middle-and-upper-class women. It’s been incredible to see support for The Establishment pouring in from all over the world, its raison d’etre only becoming more necessary with each passing year — elections or no.

Here are five fabulous stories I revisit frequently (although it’s like asking me to pick my favorite child).

How I Learned To Break Bread With My Mental Health
By Tracy Wan


This lyrical piece by Tracy Wan contextualizes anxiety and mental health in a universally relatable manner. In an increasingly frenetic world, her words have a soothing ability — not unlike the cooking she describes.

When Forgiveness Isn’t A Virtue
By Ijeoma Oluo


A few years ago, I experienced major trauma. I was — and still am — repeatedly asked to forgive the perpetrator. In Ijeoma’s beautiful words, I found permission and strength to remind myself that the only person I had to forgive was myself.

Yes, Your Dating Preferences Are Probably Racist
By Emma Tessler


I’ll always love this piece, though it makes me so sad. We like to believe we’re in a post-racial society, but as Emma highlights, even the choices we think we make on our own are wholly guided by society.

Nobody Catcalls The Woman In The Wheelchair
By Kayla Whaley


I literally had chills after reading this essay. That’s what lights our fire at The Establishment — we really offer perspectives others don’t dare.

Meet The Women Behind The Initiative Tackling Tech’s Diversity Crisis
By Kelley Calkins, Katie Tandy, And Nikki Gloudeman


Intersectionality in tech. Who would have thought? Our esteemed founding team spotlight some badass women redefining “diversity,” whatever that means.

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