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Letter sent on Mar 17, 2017

Hawaii Trumps The President

Ku’u momi makamae Judge Derrick Watson!

(That’s Hawaiian for “my precious pearl Judge Derrick Watson!” In Katie-an that’s, “fuck yes Judge Derrick Watson!”)

In case you missed it, Judge Watson shot down Trump’s odious travel ban on Wednesday, arguing — like a constitutionally educated, actually good person — that the executive order not only discriminates on the basis of nationality (ya think?!), but would prevent residents from receiving visits from family, harm Hawaii’s hearty tourism industry, and hinder the recruitment of foreign students and workers.

While this restraining order is temporary — and Trump has of course called it “a terrible ruling,” and insists that caring for other members of humanity “makes us look weak, which by the way we no longer are, believe me” — Judge Derrick Watson reminds me that there are checks and balances in the American government that are still able to counter the Orange Juggernaut of Hate.

Even so. Trump announced a $1.1 trillion spending plan which will gut funding for numerous things that bring joy and security to our fragile blue planet like “the environment, diplomacy, housing, health services and the arts” — roughly 20% to 30%. Meanwhile, our bloated military will increase by a cool $54 billion, marking a 10% rise. (We’ve got to protect ourselves against boogymen of our creation I suppose!)

Happily, even Republicans are outraged — Representative Harold Rogers, Republican of Kentucky and a former chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, called Trump’s budget proposal “draconian, careless and counterproductive” — so I’m hoping that like the black hole that he is, Trump will simply devour himself in a ball of hot flatulent gas and wake up in an alternative universe where racist flesh-sacks moonlighting as humans are served as imitation hamburgers!

Here — ever and always — are some of our favorite (and important!) stories from those voices on the frontline of the good fight.

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

Letters From Trans And Nonbinary Survivors To Their Body Parts

By Lexie Bean

You remember when it happened. The first time it happened, he pinned me down against the bed. I couldn’t fight. I wish you had. I wish you’d grown teeth, drawn blood. He didn’t listen to my pleas.

He called me a good girl because you existed. Because when he ripped off my boxers and my packer tumbled to the floor, he knew what I was and he didn’t like it.

Welcome To The Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed

By Ijeoma Oluo

This work is the worst. Reading this essay might be a little uncomfortable, but it is NOTHING compared to the conversations you are going to have to have, the privilege you are going to have to sacrifice, and the brutality and pain you are going to have to be able to look in the eye every day.

Not only will this work get harder and harder the further you dive in, you will also get what at times seems like a very small return on your efforts.

Donald Trump Is A Rich Man’s Idea Of A Rich Man

By Katherine Cross

So much of this “poor man’s idea of a rich man” sentiment trades on the idea that there’s something especially classless about Trump’s demeanour and lifestyle, which is undeniably true. But phrased this way, it leaves another idea unspoken: that the problem is less his wealth than how he displays it, and that there is an unproblematically noble way to be rich that is only spoiled by stupidly gauche poor people with their foolish notions of how to use money.

Presumably Mitt Romney is the “right” kind of rich person, one who doesn’t buy gold faucets but adroitly robs people of their pensions instead?

Your Global Mansplaining Dictionary In 34 Languages

By Alison Kinney


mandskueliggøre = mand (man) + anskueliggøre (clarify/illustrate)

farklare = far (father) + forklare (explain). Says our correspondent, “That would technically be dadsplain, I suppose. Still, the implicit paternalism is apt.”


Bookque (pronounced “bokie”) = “Dirt blowing in the wind”
“When I was growing up, there was a term used for when a woman thought that a man was full of baloney or talking to hear themselves speak.

The Role Of Photography In Resisting Trump And Racism

By Rebekah Frumkin

“After Spike Lee’s movie Chi-raw came out I thought, ‘Nah. I’ve got all these pictures that show Englewood in a completely different way.’ I want to show and remind people of the humanity that exists in abundance within these communities.

Videos and photographs stick in our minds and give us evidence to believe what we want to believe about a person or neighborhood.”




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