11 Links To Cheer You The Hell Up This Holiday Season

Push all bah humbug out of your heart.

This is Day 2 of The Establishment’s 12 Days of Holiday Self Care series. You can read Day 1 here.

Have the holidays got you down? Is your family annoying and possibly infuriating? Are you broke as hell? I feel you. The holiday season is tough for a lot of us. Even if you enjoy the holidays, it’s a lot like your own wedding: You’ve spent too much time planning and too much money and now that the big day is here, you just want it to be over so you can take a nap.

Before you yell at your bigoted uncle at the dinner table, or curl up in a ball in the middle of a crowded mall floor, take a little time to think of something else. I’ve compiled a list of links that will, temporarily, push all bah humbug out of your heart while you laugh and smile.

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year

Two Monks Invent Byzantine Art

My love for The Toast and Mallory Ortberg knows no bounds.

MONK #1: what did Jesus look like
MONK #2: oh that’s a really good question
MONK #1: thanks
MONK #2: he had the longest face in the world
MONK #1: really
MONK #2: oh yes his face was so long he could see the sunrise while his mouth was still asleep

Enjoy the hilarity here.

Ads Without Context

This is one of those Twitter feeds I turn to late at night, when anxiety takes hold. It’s fun, light, and easy. Little clips of late-night tv-commercials for obscure products taken out of context. What’s not to love?

Maria Bamford’s One Hour Homemade Christmas Special

Doctors Performing Surgery For The First Time In Western Art History

“Gentlemen, I propose we sew whatever this is back up and go for lunch.”
“Second the motion.”
“Motion to add ‘whatever is inside humans is gross’ to this week’s minutes.”
“Second the motion.”

More hilarity from The Toast.

Kids Laughing

Kids Laughing At Dogs


We Rate Dogs

This is one of my favorite Twitter feeds. Delightful ratings of reader-submitted dog pictures. Also, this feed updates quite often so you can check it every day for a new smile.

Watch Kids Eat Watermelon Oreos

Disclosure: my kids and my nieces are in this video. But they’re fucking adorable.

It’s Return Of The Mack

This video of Lonnie Bee is everything you needed to hear right now, isn’t it? Listen to it every morning to get ready to take on the world. Then go to Ross.

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