Holiday Mountain’s Laura Patiño Says The Body Can Be A Punishment

This is the fifth documentary in our Est. Summer Arts Series, featuring female creators hailing from Austin, Texas, who are using their work to explore gender, race, reproductive rights, and sexuality — in other words, to fight the good fight. Stay tuned for more multimedia profiles every Friday.

Laura Patiño is one-half (flanked by producer/drummer Zander Kagle) of incandescent dance-pop-electronica duo Holiday Mountain. She’s a front-woman to dream of and pine for. Clad in plastic, leotards, sequins, and anger, I like to think of her as an intergalactic, space-time-continuum-collapsing smoothie, where The Acid Queen, David Bowie, and a beautifully feral cat collide to create irresistible beats with undeniably feminine power.

“I grew up in a pretty conservative lifestyle — pretty Mexican and Catholic. Inherently there was a lot of confusion about my body that attitude of, ‘You’re asking for it if you’re wearing that . . .’
And that’s the worst fucking attitude — that other people’s lack of self control, or other people’s garbage, makes you just the receptacle. Women have these beautiful bodies, and that’s your fault?! That’s your punishment or something?
No. This is my fucking body! And I don’t want to feel ashamed for what is naturally mine. For me, showing some skin is really empowering.”

Check out our full-length interview with Laura Patiño right here.

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