How To Harness The Spirit Of Lisa Frank

Welcome to Make Your Face, a makeup tutorial series with a simple mission: Makeup by you (me) for your (my) own entertainment, Establishment-style.

Damn, dudes, I’ve been off my game lately. I’ve had some health ish goin’ on, and spending a lot of time dragging myself around looking like this:


You know what always helped me suck it up and do my homework when I was little?

Yeah. You know.


I imagine that Lisa Frank, the person, probably has pink eyebrows.


White waterlines! (I recommend NYX Slide On Pencil for this, but, you know, I recommend NYX for almost everything.)


Damp Q-tip + eyeshadow from Hot Topic = a perfect obnoxious L.F. yellow.


In my mind, I associate more of a teal blue color with Lisa Frank pencil cases, but no! An actual look at the images reveals the Lisa Frank palette to be basically just a regular old rainbow, but with the red swapped out for magenta. Therefore, blue:


And some purple! (Both from the Urban Decay Electric palette, as is the eyebrow pink.)


Blend that blue out with some frosty light blue on the browbone. Lisa’s masterpieces might be composed of flat color, but they somehow give off the SENSATION of sparkle.




Spend a few minutes having an lash selection crisis. Iridescence? Leopard print? Plain old purple?


Embrace the indecision and put on three pairs! As always, let your eyelash glue dry to a tacky consistency before sticking ’em in place, and glue bottom-lid lashes beneath your real lower lashes, not directly to your waterline.

If you don’t let the glue dry long enough before applying the second pair of top lashes, you, um, might end up having to persistently unstick your eyelid from itself every time you blink. It’s a weird feeling.


Hot pink cheekbones, pastel pink on the apples of your cheeks:


Now is the time to break out your most treasured article of makeup: Jane brand “Radiation” powder in Fuschia Fusion you bought from your hometown CVS in 1998. Someday it will eventually run out, and that day will be sad, but today is not that day! Just highlight the hell out of yourself with it.


This wig was marketed as a My Little Pony Pinkie Pie cosplay wig at the time it was purchased from Amazon four years ago.


Mint green lipstick just sufficient on its own. More glitter!!!


Grab your trusty iridescent posterboard to serve as a background, and YOU’RE LISA FRANK!


…or are you? Hmmm, something doesn’t look quite right. Your iridescent posterboard is letting you down.

Instead, take a close-up picture of the iridescent hairbrush you bought at Forever 21 last year.


Using an image editing program, replace the posterboard with the hairbrush photo. Cutting yourself out of the original background has the added effect of making you look really fake, which is suitable for our purposes.


And then, what the hell, you’re already editing — give yourself two bright eyelights à la L.F. animals.


Go for broke and paste a bunch of rainbow hearts and stars all over the whole mess! You ARE Lisa Frank!!!


The hearts and stars might not be visible to others IRL, but they’re there. I can feel them. ✨🌟✨

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