How To Look Like A Blue Voter In A Red State

Welcome to the latest how-to from Make Your Face, a makeup tutorial series with a simple mission: makeup for your own entertainment, Establishment-style.

This week, our resident makeup master-slash-feminist commentator Jennifer Culp takes on the only thing anyone can really think about right now: the terrifying nightmare land known as election ‘16.

Having grown up in Alabama, Jennifer knows what it’s like to be a blue voter in the deep-red south . . . and she has tips on how to wear armor in the form of symbolic blue makeup (plus a punk tee and a raised middle finger).

Her advice, as always, is well worth heeding:

• It’s easier to line your waterlines with pencil if you avoid crossing your pupil with the liner.

• Wet eyeshadow goes on very opaque without having to use primer, but! Can be difficult to blend with dry shadow.

• You can blend multiple foundations to get your preferred shade and SPF.

• Bleaching your eyebrows is not scary! Never use box dye; get bleach powder and developer from a beauty supply store instead.

• If you get clumps in your mascara, it’s totally fine to lean into it and go full-on spider lashes.

• Blush is The Great Undead-ifier!

• If you used a curated eyeshadow palette to create an eye makeup look, it’s often flattering to steal shades from the same palette to use for blush, contour, and highlights.

• Leave your mouth hanging open in a stupid expression for a long, long, what feels like TOO long time after applying liquid lipstick so it will dry without smudging onto your teeth.

• VOTE! (And not — not ever — for Trump.)

Dear God . . . is the election over yet?

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