How To Make Yourself Look Like Your Mii

Welcome to Make Your Face, a makeup tutorial series with a simple mission: makeup by you (me) for your (my) own entertainment, Establishment-style.

Maddie, these eyelashes make my heart sing. Who would ever have thought Ben Affleck’s maybe not-fake back tattoo could inspire such a vision of beauty?


Meanwhile, Miitomo, Nintendo’s new social network app, just came out. I am an Xbox gal myself, but I’ve still managed to leave a number of Miis in my wake since early 2007. Do people still do that anymore? Make a Mii avatar of themselves on their friend’s Wiis before playing? I live on as a starry-eyed avatar on my brother-in-law’s Wii U, I’m pretty sure. (God knows what happened to all those Miis I left on Wiis in college.)

You don’t need a Nintendo account to sign up for Miitomo, and one of its primary features, as I discovered in my extremely rigorous Twitter research in the hours following its release, is Mii Photos, where you can make your Mii do all sorts of animations and pose in front of different backgrounds and then spam people with the resultant images on every conceivable social network. OBVIOUSLY I’m in — and even more obviously I am going to try to make myself look like the Mii I tried to make look like myself! Because of course.


Start with a basic bald Mii. It’s easier to see all the features clearly that way.


I want these eyes. I want them so much!


But these look much more like the way I like to wear my eyeliner. I went with this green color to represent my generic blue-greeny-grey light eyes.


With the aid of eyeliner and mascara, I made my eyes more closely resemble those of my Mii.


These eyebrows look most like mine, I decided.


I then used eyeshadow and brow gel to make my own eyebrows look more like the eyebrows that are supposed to look like how my eyebrows look.

In hindsight I should have gone way harder and sharper with the brows and hit those things with some eyebrow pencil, BUT, I didn’t, because I’ve been really into kind of messy softer brows lately and it just felt too weird to color them in too much. So, though I may have failed at looking the very most like my Mii in this particular respect, I ultimately succeeded in looking even MORE like MYSELF by heeding my own preferences, ha!

This shit is getting kind of meta.


The nose selection is limited and largely unflattering. I finally went with this nose-shadow-triangle and resized it to my liking. I did nothing to my real nose.




Unfortunately, Miitomo would not allow me to smirk in red. That’s okay though! I can get down with black.


I don’t have a beauty mark (sadly), but I still managed to think of an excuse for using one on my Mii! Shrunken and moved to the middle of my chin, it now represents my dimple.


Then, looking at it, I realized, hey!! That looks kind of cool!


I almost always wear blush.


And finally the face-up is done! Time to add some hair!

This is me when I get out of bed in the morning:


This is me on a day when humidity conditions are PERFECT and the gods of hair are smiling on me and I got up early to wash, condition, blow out, and carefully flat-iron my hair:


This is me wearing my favorite green hat when my hair is too dirty to be appreciated by the public:


Wait, there I am! Not quiiite a perfect match, but it’ll do.


To look as much as possible like me, my Mii of course must wear glasses. How do Mii’s see, do you think?


A quick visit to the Mii Shop for some new clothes, and look!

It’s Mii!!


My Mii is so me! Me. Mii. She looks like me, my Mii! Mii, meeeeeeeeeeee.

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