‘I’m Crippled By Horniness!’ What’s A Girl To Do?

You may or may not have heard that we launched Unscrewed last week — a brand-spanking-new iteration of Jaclyn Friedman’s much-beloved podcast, The Yes Means Yes show.

New full episodes of Unscrewed will go live every other Tuesday, but in between — you lucky ducks you! — Jaclyn is going to serve up quickiesodes. Welcome to Spare Parts!

In each of these shorter, but no less meaty installments, you’ll get tasty outtakes from the week’s previous episode, in addition to advice for listeners who’ve sent in their sex/uality questions and other brilliant morsels aimed at helping all of us get unscrewed.

This week? You’ll not only get Jaclyn’s take on the impending, much-maligned | beloved Valentine’s Day, but a question from dear Listener K — “a 25-year-old, cis-hetero pre-orgasmic female” — who asks:

“I’ve been trying many many years to get off, but I’ve barely even come close . . . I feel like I go through my life with perpetual blue clit. Whenever I’m left to my own devices and often when I’m not, I find myself crippled with horniness and unable to concentrate on intensive work or hobby, which for a graduate student is a pretty big problem. I sink hours upon hours into thoughts of sex and stop not because I feel satisfied, but because I have to do something like eat or go to class.
Is there anything you can suggest to help me deal with sexual time management until I can figure out a way to schedule my horniness and/or satisfy myself?”

Check out the quickiesodeBlue Clit Blues” below and hear what Jaclyn and her guest from last week’s episode — activist, storyteller, author, activist, and gender/sexuality Swiss Army knife S. Bear Bergman — have to say to dear listener K about her elusive O face.

Have burning quandaries of your own? Tweet @jaclynf (use #unscrewed) or drop her a line at unscrewed@jaclynfriedman.com. And yes! You can even use your handy-dandy smartphone, personal computer, or laptop and record yourself asking your question; she may just include it in the next episode.


Lead image credit: Daniel Mendoza

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