Important Updates From The Establishment

Big news on our membership program and an upcoming migration.

Dearest Establishment readers and supporters,

First off, we just want to say: Thanks for being the best. Your support is why we’re able to do what we do, and it means more than you can know.

Second off, an update! After a couple years with Medium, we are in the process of migrating to a new platform better suited to serving the needs of both our incredible writers and incredible readers. We are really excited about what’s ahead, and promise a more seamless membership experience and other assorted bells and whistles soon.

Unfortunately, before we could make the move, Medium unexpectedly cancelled memberships for all of its publications, as some of you may have received an email about. As with the other publications in the same position, Medium’s abrupt decision will have a major impact on our financial position.

Until we get the new site up and running, we’d greatly appreciate any and all support to help us make it through the next few weeks. Things are tight at the moment, and we want to make sure we can keep providing you with compelling original content by extraordinary writers too often shut out of the discourse.

If you’re not in the position to make a donation, following us on social media and sharing your favorite Establishment stories is also hugely helpful. And if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, please do so we can keep you posted on all of the changes coming down the pipes:

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we work toward a shiny new future. Thanks for everything — we adore you all!

Team Establishment

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