Justin Bieber! SCOTUS Tweets! And More You Might’ve Missed This Week

Long week? Looking to take a load off by reading in-depth stories about the patriarchy, slut-shaming, and the vitriolic racism permeating our current political climate? Have we got you covered! Welcome to “Est. of the Week,” our round-up of the best stories, tweets, and videos you may have missed, all featuring marginalized voices, and all worthy of discussion at your weekend dinner party.

“I Do Not Exist To Fix You
By Jess Beaulieu for SheDoesTheCity

“Although straight men are defined as ‘all powerful’ by the patriarchy, it seems a good portion of them are incapable of independent self-improvement. There is this awful, sexist, pervasive idea in society that women exist to fix men. That we are their conscience. Their soul. Their softer side.”

One of those essential reads that makes you say, “Oh shit, that is so true.”

“Nina Simone’s Face
By Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic

“ . . . the very fact that there’s such a shallow pool of actors who look like Simone is not a non-racist excuse, but a sign of racism itself — the same racism that plagued Nina Simone. Being conscious of that racism means facing the possibility of Simone’s story never being told. That is not the tragedy. The tragedy is that we live in a world that is not ready for that story to be told.”

With signature clarity, power, and insight, Ta-Nehisi takes on the Nina Simone/Zoe Saldana controversy. (Related reading by our own Ijeoma Oluo: “Nina Simone, Zoe Saldana, And Light-Skinned Fragility.”)

“Amber Rose On Kim, Kanye, And Sisterhood
By Marlow Stern for The Daily Beast

“‘She’s a hoe, she’s a slut,’ Rose tells me, mimicking some of the criticisms famous women like herself receive regularly on social media — usually from other women. ‘We do that to each other and it’s really unfortunate. People get turned off by the name ‘SlutWalk’ because they don’t really know what it is, but it’s about ownership regardless of what we’ve done in our life. I’m a grown woman — I’m 32 years old — so I’ve obviously had sex outside of a relationship, or before I was married. I’ve dated guys in my life and realized it didn’t work out. It’s just life. You look for love and find out what you want in life. Guys do it all the time, but we get criticized for it because we’re women, and it’s bullshit.’”

National treasure Amber Rose isn’t afraid to call bullshit on slut-shaming, sex work-bashing, and our culture’s insatiable hunger for pitting women against each other.

“If Justin Bieber Were My Terrible, Golden Son
By Mallory
Ortberg for The Toast

“If Justin Bieber were my nightmare son, I would cradle him to sleep every night in the soft crescent of the moon, and I would gun-murder any star that orbited too close to him.”

If Mallory Ortberg were actually Justin Bieber’s mom, it’s safe to say the world would be a better place.

Shaun King’s Coverage Of Trump Rally Hate
Multiple stories for The New York Daily News

“This man knew full well what he was doing when he yelled in her face then continually pushed and shoved her through the crowd — allowing other men, including white supremacist Matthew Heimbach, to randomly yell and violently shove her along the way. Not once did he appear to be even remotely concerned with her safety or well-being in the process.”

This extensive, straight-to-the-point coverage dares readers to stare into the belly of an increasingly violent and terrifying beast.

“Ask Polly: What Am I Doing Wrong With Men?
By Heather Havrilesky for The Cut

“ . . .men who don’t want to date you are indifferent entities and therefore have no useful information for you. So every time you’re tempted to ask a guy if you screwed up somehow, you should imagine asking some stranger’s terrier the same question.”

There are a lot of advice columns out there. This one, week in and week out, is one of the best.

Multimedia And Tweets


The White House uses Twitter to throw shade at obstructionist Republicans by sharing facts like, “Since 1875, every Supreme Court nominee has received a Senate hearing or a vote” and “Filling a #SCOTUS vacancy is not a political prerogative — it is a basic function and fundamental obligation.” Your move, GOP.

RadioLab Podcast

Like so many things, competitive debating is rooted in white patriarchal systems, favoring the privileged elite over low-income people of color. This extraordinary episode explores the movement to change that by focusing on one queer, black man and how his underdog debate team made history. In particular, one rousing speech felt in “the soul and the loins” will leave you shaken.

“A Drumming Women’s Activist
Vice Video

Former MIA drummer. Electronic music producer. Women’s rights activist. Kiran Gandhi is an all-around badass, and this striking and very cool video does her justice.


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