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Letter sent on Feb 16, 2018

Love Needs All Bodies


This week, love has been ubiquitous; it has felt alternatively like the first gust of the heater after a long day in the snow — delectable, perfect, and safe — and a kind of slow suffocation.

You’re kicking to the surface of a pond, but you can’t see the light above you and you think your lungs might burst.

And then…the Parkland, Florida shooting happened.

People’s lives have been torn asunder, riddled by bullets — children are being buried — and still, the government questions whether guns are to be blamed.

It’s nothing short of madness.

There are few words that don’t feel like preposterous platitudes as I type them, but tell your people you love them. Stay angry and keep fighting for what’s right.

And we’ll promise to keep doing the same.

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

When I Get Back To My Body

By Suzannah Weiss

My childhood fantasies of the future always contained the hidden assumption that one day? I would leave my body. Sometimes my future self was a Maybelline model with luscious lips flanked by equally model-esque man-candy.

Later, I envisioned myself as one of the giants of poststructuralist philosophy, sitting around a table with Jacques Derrida, Jacques Lacan, Michel Foucault, and Rolande Barthes — anachronistically — all at once.

I did not become a supermodel, and I did not become a French man.

Why I’ve Turned To Kink, Therapy, And Gaming To Heal From Trauma

By Seraphina Malizia

Whether I’m engaging in a role-playing game — my most recent favorite being Witch: The Road To Lindisfarne — wrapped in rope at the hands of a play partner, or sitting across from my therapist, similar needs are being met for me as a trauma survivor.

Strong emotions created by exposure to violent content are able to block pain in the body, leading Dr. Bessel Van Der Kok to state that, “for many traumatized people, re-exposure to stress might provide a relief from anxiety.”

When moderated well, the stressful scenarios brought about by gaming, trauma, and kink activities can make space for re-exposure to stress that feels safe, moderated, and contained.

“Our bodies are the vessel for how we experience the world, and the world has an ever growing fracture from the absence of love.

I’m an amputee and this image is one of the first I’ve created that addresses what being disabled is, sans able-bodied expectations.”

— Artist Artemis Xenakis

(All profits will be split between the Creative Action Network, The Establishment, and the artist!)

Kids’ Misuse Of The Term ‘Racist’ Is Dangerous — So Let’s Disrupt It

By Carrie Hutchinson

Current events highlighting our political and racial divides, such as those involving Colin Kaepernick or Jemele Hill, offer ample opportunities for white adults to consciously or unconsciously share these attitudes with their children.

Putting air quotes around the term, rolling eyes, or using a sarcastic tone are behaviors that send a strong message to kids about how they can talk about racism.

By any measure, an adult who is reluctant to clearly and effectively correct such careless and damaging behavior by children is complicit in perpetuating a host of dangerous ideas.



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If You Want Me And Your Father To Help With Rent, Please Pass This Test

By Clancy Tripp

Test Directions:

You will have 95 minutes to complete this exam. Additional time will not be provided; we feel we’ve been more than generous. The test administrator will give you periodic updates as to the remaining time. He will also provide updates on the rate your fertility decreases with each passing minute.

You may use a calculator as needed. May we suggest the TI-84 graphing calculator you insisted you needed to practice for the LSAT for which you’ve ostensibly been studying for the past three or so years?

All answers must be written inside the test booklet. Answers written outside the text booklet or as a tell-all ThoughtCatalog think piece about how your urban tribe is your true family will not be scored.

Name (the one given at birth 30 years ago, un-truncated, and sans heart above the “i”): ___________________.

In The #MeToo Era, #SurvivorLoveLetter Centers Love For Survivors

By Kelley Calkins

Back for its fourth year, #SurvivorLoveLetter, the brainchild of filmmaker and media justice activist Tani Ikeda, is here to flood the internet with love for survivors.

Per the #SurvivorLoveLetter Tumblr, the campaign is: “A call to survivors of sexual violence and our loved ones to publicly celebrate our lives. By telling our stories we seek to build knowledge and reflect on the ways we heal ourselves and our communities.”

“When we live in a culture of violence, one of the most radical things we can do is love ourselves,” Ikeda says.