‘Love Needs…’ Open Call For Art Submissions!

We’ve partnered with Creative Action Network to help us host an art project to talk about love in 2018.

Oh, why hello there!

It’s no secret—in fact it’s like a rabid badger trapped in a broom closet—that Valentine’s Day is fraught.

At its best, this “holiday”— originally celebrated as Lupercali by the Romans who slaughtered animals and whipped women with their hides to make them fertile, OF COURSE—is a celebration of love, romantic or otherwise.

At its worse, it’s carnage. Capitalistic. Commercialized. Heteronormative, and potentially very very depressing for anyone not paired off. (Which of course, is a societal abomination of its own order.)

So. Here at The Establishment, we decided to partner with the amazing organization Creative Action Network—which “crowdsources campaigns around causes, inviting anyone and everyone to contribute their own designs”—to help us host an art project to talk about love in 2018.

This is our prompt:

Love needs _________.

Maybe Love needs consent.
Maybe Love needs parity.
Maybe Love needs r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
Maybe Love needs a cold dish we call revenge.

We’re asking all humans of any artistic inclination to complete the prompt in their minds and respond with some kind of art—or text!—to put on a t-shirt.

Rage, hope, whimsy, and everything in between all welcome!

All designs can be submitted right here and, as long as they meet the requirements listed, they’ll be available for purchase on Creative Action Network. (And yes! All artists will get a juicy cut—40%—of any sales from their design.)

One design will be chosen as the Official Est. Love T-shirt, be sold in our merchandise store, and its creator will get an interview on the amazing Est. itself!

*All submissions due by February 11th.*

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