“Manikin Flavor Is Special”

Holy shit. Welcome to another Sexist Saturday!

This week’s edition is truly a glittering gem among lesser stones in the Vintage Video Canon Of Crazytown.

Hailing from the busty bowels of 1976, this video opens on a nondescript jungle and proceeds to drive straight into Crazytown. The first and only stop? Crazytown. All aboarrrrrd to Crazytown!

If the woman’s hunting and gathering attire isn’t enough for you to know you’re in Crazytown, then her accent and purposely broken English is a dead giveaway.

Because Crazytown can be disorienting for those who have chosen to forgo its twisted kingdom for some time now, I’ve created a short list of questions for you to consider:

Where exactly is this woman from again?

Might that very long skirt snag on branches and get very dirty in the jungle?

Isn’t just one blow job euphemism enough for a 30-second spot?

Hahahahahaha foolish reader, you’re in Crazytown! There are no answers, just a heady mix of racism:sexism so potent you can taste last night’s reuben rising in your throat!

Before we all pull out of this station — the human mind can only withstand approximately two minutes before liquifying — I would like to say that I’ve never seen more entrancing cleavage in my life and I will only buy Manikin Cigars forever and ever. And ever.

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