Merry Christmas From Lucky Strike!

Here at The Establishment, we are all-too-aware that the holidays can be, well, a challenge. There’s only so many egg nogs you can chug in the linen closet at your aunt’s before you throw up, and only so many triangular smiles you can fake before you get that weird ache behind your eyes and wonder if you might be better off . . . in the circus — at least with all those masks and garish lights, you might get to ride an elephant and wear sequined lycra.

Anyway. The point is, the season can be lovely — cocoa! pine trees! latkes! — there might even be old friends and dare-I-say family that you’ve missed dearly and you’re bundling them close to your heart. But. . . for the rest of us who feel a bit daunted, we thought we’d give you a brief respite from our sexist Saturdays and offer up some good ol’ fashioned, nicotine-flavored, CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.

Did you know this box of Lucky Strike says Merry Christmas and Happy Smoking 200 times?! That’s called a bang for your joy-buck. Ever thought about it? Me either.

On the prowl for more vintage misogyny and delectable hawkings from days of yore? Here you go!

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