Modeling Circa 1940: “Boy, What A Set Of Props!”

Why hello, and welcome to another edition of Sexist Saturday!

This week’s very special video hails from none other than Chevrolet. It’s narrated from the point of view of what can only be described as an omniscient, deeply chauvinist — if VERY CURIOUS — blow-hard.

Dubbed “The Girl On The Magazine Cover,” this video (which ostensibly is about letting the public in on the modeling industry, but is actually just a weird plug for the shiny grills of Chevrolet) is positively transcendental in its portrayal of women, the modeling industry, and gender roles. Everyone — and I mean everyone — ends up looking like a jerk, a dolt, or a pervert. I suppose it’s sneakily egalitarian in that way.

Did you know that some of the most successful models, “aren’t even good looking, but have special features of unusual form or beauty? Like perfectly formed hands or legs. Or correctly-spaced eyes!”

Between the poor women who all sound like they’re experiencing some sort of speech impediment (perhaps it’s due to all the valium they’ve imbibed to stomach their realities), the sexually predatory narrator, and the very mean photographer who treats his models like lumpy bits of meat, it’s one hell of a journey.

The latest entry in our #SexistSaturday vintage video series. Enjoy more old-school misogyny here.

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