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Letter sent on Mar 24, 2017


This past Wednesday, Kelley (my inimitably bouncy and brilliant co-founder) and I got on the phone with Sonia Fuentes, a newfound hero I didn’t know I had.

To make a longer sordid story short(er) . . . in 1965, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created to enforce Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Fuentes joined as one of the first female attorneys just three months later and grew horrified at how little was actually being done to enforce the prohibition of gender discrimination.

Shortly after she started, she told us Betty Friedan walked into the office one day to interview members of the EEOC for a new book about how much things had improved for women since The Feminine Mystique. Fuentes took her into her office and burst into tears.

So little has! she wept.

But tears gave way to organization. Together, alongside 26 other founders, Friedan and Fuentes created the National Organization for Women (NOW) in June 1966, which is still doggedly championing women’s rights using advocacy, litigation, and education; it has chapters in all 50 states AND YES I WILL BE JOINING AND SO SHOULD YOU.

This is my long way of saying, there are so many people to admire whose shoulders we stand upon, who are fighting every. goddamn. day — Congresswoman Maxine Waters telling Trump to “Get ready for impeachment” is. everything. — but sometimes it feels really really hard to see them.

Keep your chin up, your eyes open, and your fists clenched. We’re in this together.

I may be biased, but I think you’ll see why the kids of today will stand on the shoulders of Establishment writers tomorrow . . .

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

‘Special Snowflake’ My Ass: Why Identity Labels Matter

By Shae Collins

Think about it this way: There are around 470,000 words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. If you only know half of them, does that mean the other half aren’t real? Obviously not. And denying their existence doesn’t make them disappear. It just makes you look foolish as hell.

At Unregulated Christian Boarding Schools, Students Face Conversion Therapy, Abuse, And Indoctrination

By Aaron Kappel

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a Georgia-based Christian boarding school with a history of alleged abuse, conversion therapy for LGBTQ teens, and religious indoctrination. If it were just one school, it could be viewed as an alarming anomaly.

But this is not the story of just one school.

The Strange, Transformative Power Of Dyeing Your Hair

By Cassandra Morrison

Psychologist Viren Swami, says: “Because hair is so malleable, it can give women a feeling of control over their bodies that they don’t otherwise have.”

When I dye my hair, I feel I am taking charge over the way I am perceived . . . and yet I also know the person that I am remains the same no matter the color.

#NotAllWhitePeople, The Quiz

By Absurdist Words

If you still think there’s no way you’re at all racist as a White person, here’s a quick quiz. The questions aren’t exhaustive and nobody is scoring you but you. So be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you can say “No” to all the following.

In Frightening Times, Witchcraft Rediscovers Its Political Roots

By Peg Aloi

Witches casting spells in public to subdue the president seems no more surreal a phenomenon than anything currently emanating from the crucible of the White House.

Penises Aren’t The Problem, The Patriarchy Is: An Ode To The Phallus

By Katie Tandy

We’re eliciting small, joyish sounds from one another — mine are muffled with his flesh; his are breathy, growling.

He’s poised between my teeth and I am keenly aware of the tiny beast inside of me who won’t bite — but could — and the tiny brute inside him who won’t use my vulnerability against me — but could.




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