Questions For Trump Jr. About Refugee Skittles

A few days ago, Donald Trump Jr. decided to drop a tasty rainbow of knowledge on us, via Twitter with this helpful image:

Apparently, according to the Jr. Trumpster, the “image says it all.” But I’m obviously not on Trump’s level, and while the image of a bowl of skittles mixed with Islamophobia says a lot — I still have some questions. If Donald Trump Jr. could respond to these questions either with actual sentences, or enough random images to make sense of this all, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Questions I Have For Donald Trump Jr. About Skittles And Refugees:

• Have you ever eaten a Skittle?

• What’s your problem with Skittles?

• Is this all because Skittles replaced the lime flavor with green apple? I agree, you should avoid those, but that’s not a reason to eschew all Skittles.

• Are you poisoning your Skittles?

• Why are you poisoning your Skittles?

• Are you poisoning anything other than Skittles?

• Is this why nobody comes to your dinner parties?

• How do you poison Skittles?

• If you aren’t poisoning Skittles, how are they killing you?

• Are these armed Skittles?

• If these are armed Skittles, can you just not pick up the ones with tiny knives?

• Are you sure these are actually Skittles?

• Are the Skittles people?

• If so, where are you buying these Skittles that are people?

• If Skittles are people, why are you eating them?

• What color Skittle are you? We already know your dad is an orange Skittle.

• Again, where are you getting these Skittles that are actually people and why are you eating them?

• If the Skittles are people, why are you just forcing them into a bowl with the deadly Skittle/people instead of helping them?

• Why don’t Skittles deserve to live?

• Are you seriously more important than a bowl full of Skittles/people?

• These Skittles are delicious and allow us to taste the rainbow and make Marshawn Lynch happy, what have you ever done for us and/or Marshawn Lynch?

• What other food items are also human beings trying to escape violence and terror that has been enabled by the horrific interventions of the West into the Middle East? Pizzas (is there a poisoned topping on your combination pizza of people)? Runts (the banana ones are the ones that will kill you, right)? M&M’s (the brown ones? You know it’s the brown ones)?

• Are any other serious socio-political issues in the world also food? Are there police brutality cupcakes? Homelessness potato chips?

• Where do Trump Steaks fit in here? Are they people too? Or do they just represent the dangers of electing a scam artist to the presidency?

• If the Skittles are people and they are being slaughtered by the few deadly Skittles, how long can you ignore a bowl of screaming, dying Skittles on your counter before you admit that you’re a monster who doesn’t care about Skittle people?

Thank you in advance for answering these questions, Donald Trump Jr. I know you’re obviously very busy coming up with other food-based election material for your dad, but these answers will help us all understand how a bowl of Skittles will make America great again and solve the “Syrian refugee problem.”


Lead image: flickr/Amy

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