READER FORUM! What Should Our Tagline Be?


Why hello, esteemed members of The Establishment!

Amidst fist-pumping U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson’s halting of the travel ban, and simmering with rage/shuddering in horror over Trump’s budget proposal, Est. staffers find ourselves in a quandary.

And as is our wont when we find ourselves in a tight spot, we’re turning to the most brilliant minds we know for help: you, our loyal readers.

The quandary is thus: The Establishment is now a whopping 16 months old…and yet still we’re without a proper tagline. While staffers have bandied about various ideas for months—including: “Media for the resistance”; “Media as diverse as the world we live in.”—we’ve not yet hit on just the right phrase to encapsulate our venture.

This is where you come in: For the next week, we’re hosting an open call in this discussion thread for your ideas/thoughts on the matter. Next Friday, the staff will vote and announce our favorite suggestion. And while we can’t promise we’ll definitely go on to use the winning tagline in an official capacity (although we very may well!), we will most definitely be awarding the person responsible for the top pick with their choice of a t-shirt from our juicy swag offerings.

So without further ado, the commenting threads below are open—we’re ready and eager for your brilliance!

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