READER FORUM! What Topics Are We Not Covering That You Wish We Were?

flickr/Leo Reynolds

As GOP leaders and the Trump administration work in tandem to spread propaganda and decimate the media, The Establishment remains as committed as ever to saying FUCK YOU WE’RE REPORTING ON YOUR SORRY ASSES AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

But we need you, our dear and humble readers and very special members of The Establishment, to help us do this work as best we can.

Which is why we’re asking this question: 
What topics are we not covering that you wish we were?

What fresh hell emanating from the White House should we focus our energies on? What non-Trump-related stories do you want to see more of? What marginalized perspectives are still being left out of the conversation?

Tell us in the comments below! Editors will be moderating and responding for the next week. Together, we can build a new establishment.

(And PS, here are five other snazzy ways to help us keep fighting the good fight!)

Thanks for being you.


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