Regarding President-Elect Donald Trump’s Press Conference

A statement from The Establishment editorial team.

W e at The Establishment wholeheartedly condemn President-Elect Trump’s actions during his press conference today. Outside of his regular antics, Mr. Trump attempted to bully and threaten Buzzfeed News and the BBC. Mr. Trump also publicly silenced and denigrated CNN for ethically and responsibly reporting on very serious allegations against him. In doing so, he sent a chilling message to other reporters of what they risk by daring to report on anything that might paint Mr. Trump in an unfavorable light.

We recognize that 2016 saw a decline in journalistic integrity, and that this is likely to continue into 2017. But nobody who rejects questions from CNN by claiming that they are “fake news” — while eagerly accepting questions from Breitbart — can honestly claim to be doing anything other than silencing critical media.

Today we saw the future leader of this country insult and intimidate the press, while his staff laughed and cheered.

Today we saw the future leader of this country insult and intimidate the press.

Our media and press are a cornerstone of our democracy, and today’s actions by Donald Trump revealed a blatant effort to undermine that. This should be of concern to everyone in media, regardless of political affiliation, and everybody who values freedom of the press.

We hope that other media organizations will also stand against Mr. Trump’s actions today. Much more than a headline is at risk.

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