“Short On Personality, But Darned Efficient!”

Bonjour, willkommen and bienvenue — so glad you swung by to get your weekly Sexist Saturday!

I know there’s been some concern about these videos being so sickening they’ve ruined a not-a-few weekend brunches, and for that I apologize. So this week I thought I’d give your pretty heads — and weak countenance — a respite. This Saturday’s edition is really only offensive to women in the workforce, so I’m sure the take-away will be lost on the majority of you anyway.

Published in 1958, this glinting gem is actually just one facet of a larger more beautiful stone known as The Office Supervisors’ Problems series. This one specifically address the danger of “The Bright Newcomer” — college educated Joan! — who fundamentally threatens and undermines (literally and metaphysically) a veteran employee — Betty! — with her newfangled ideas of filing cabinet organization.

It’s basically just a blur of carnage and betrayal as you can imagine. Women are not only petty and defensive, but threatened by change and unable to resolve arguments on their own. One can only thank the sweet Lord for George Barnes — an “efficient and conscientious” man–who might be the only one capable of enabling these women to traverse the painful chasm between the past and present, all in the name of streamlined filing practices.

Why does Betty resist the new ideas? Brain damage? Girdle too tight? Because she’s a woman?! Hmmmm?! The world may never know.

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