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Letter sent on Mar 10, 2017

So Many Reasons To Keep Fighting

Dearest Establishment readers,

This Wednesday marked a day of action that, in an ideal world, wouldn’t need to exist: International Women's Day. But we are, of course, far from living in a world that could be described as anything close to "ideal."

An observance that's been marked since 1908—when 15,000 women marched in New York City for shorter hours, better pay, and the right to vote—IWD has evolved into a global juggernaut, involving millions fighting for equal rights, and even striking en masse for change. You’d think that, more than a century since the day's inception, we’d perhaps be in a place where this battle for gender justice was no longer so crucial; where it would go without saying that women and nonbinary people are a vital part of every facet of our society. Instead, particularly as a growing far-right movement seeks to dismantle progress across the globe, our commitment to resistance feels especially essential.
We’re proud at The Establishment to engage in work that continuously elevates not just women, but gender nonbinary folks and others who are marginalized by oppressive systems. We are well aware — not just on March 8, but on every day of the year — that we must remain ever-cognizant of injustice and fully committed to eradicating its existence wherever it rears its ugly head.

As our Editor-At-Large, Ijeoma Oluo, wrote this week, we need some financial help to sustain us as we pursue this mission of publishing marginalized voices. While we work to secure long-term funding options, any monetary support you can provide would be enormously appreciated. Aid in spreading the word about our campaign, too, would be massively helpful.

You can also help us on our quest for major funding by filling out this short survey, no later than Monday, March 13.

And without further delay, here are some of our favorite stories from the last week.

In Solidarity,
Nikki Gloudeman
Co-founder | Editorial Director

The Establishment Means The World To Me, And It Needs Your Help

By Ijeoma Oluo

Publishing is not free, not even on the internet. Writers and editors and social media marketers need to eat, just like everyone else. And, in the vein of the radical transparency we’ve fostered since our first day, we’re nearing the end of our startup funds.

Your Global Mansplaining Dictionary In 34 Languages

By Alison Kinney

Having the words to describe a problem makes sense of a problem, changes how you regard yourself and your ’splainer, and provides fellowship: I’m not the first person to be treated this way; I’m not the first to fight back.

'It's Because You're Fat'–And Other Lies My Doctors Told Me

By Martina Donkers

When doctors looked at me, they didn’t see a girl who danced, cycled, and played team sports. They saw a fat girl–and they based their diagnosis on stereotypes about what that meant. I’m 29 now, and my knees no longer hurt. I don’t need them replaced–but if I’d listened to the weight-prejudiced opinions of my doctors, I might have.

Deadnaming A Trans Person Is Violence — So Why Does The Media Do it Anyway?

By Sam Riedel

When mainstream news reports constantly reference deadnames like Caitlyn Jenner’s, they propagate the idea that transphobia is just a difference of opinion–that when sites like Breitbart stubbornly deadname and misgender her, it’s simply a political disagreement.

To The Children of Refugees And Immigrants: You're Worth It

By Sydette

As “anchor babies” born to immigrants, we live in the in-between. We aren’t immigrants; we aren’t undocumented. We know that better than anyone else. But we translate for immigrants, we make phone calls for immigrants, we write letters for immigrants. We are masters of our special brand of omnipresent invisibility, unobtrusive until useful.


By Ijeoma Oluo

We like to believe that there are these specific steps we can take to guarantee that disaster won’t befall us, when for the entirety of human history that has been impossible.

If you are lucky, good things happen to you. If you are not lucky, you will look at your misfortune and say “Why have I been forsaken?” and some asshole will tell you that you just need to put better intentions into the universe.


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