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Letter sent on May 19, 2017




This week I’ve been thinking about space. A lot.

Literally and of course, metaphysically.

Most of you don’t know me that well and that’s because virtually and digitally I am minute. A lovely glittering mote of dust caught in a shaft of sunlight. (At best.)

At worst, I am a speck of questionable detritus you’ve spotted on your rearview mirror of a very bright color.

In life — IRL as the kids say — I am much bigger, however. My sometimes scandalous, sometimes polka-dotted, but alwaysdon’t-ignore-me clothes, my penchant for great big guffaws, spastic body language, desire to sing everything and chat about my bodily functions (or yours!) at high volumes … makes me something to contend with.

And sometimes I can feel that the world hates it. The world wants to make women smaller, smoother, less formidable. They want us to smell good, and slip through the grass without shaking it.

But every day I sit down to write and edit and The Establishment reminds me to be bigger. These writers and their stories tell me that s-p-a-c-e must be occupied; and if it is not given you must take it for it is YOURS TO TAKE dear readers.

From my sweaty, squirrelly being to yours. Thank you for being a beacon in these cold dark waters that threaten to extinguish our exquisitely beautiful — and blinding! — light forever.

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

Jane Austen And The Persistent Failure Of The White Imagination

By Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi

The truth is, the white power structure that created the conditions that brought Trump into power includes Hollywood, the Literary Establishment, the media, and academia, as well as the liberals and conservatives who were shaped by these institutions.

This racial myopia from liberal institutions — which fundamentally limits Austen’s universal themes — serves as a direct line to the so-called alt-right claiming Austen from themselves.

This Film About Teen Girls Riding Toy Horses Is No Laughing Matter

By Sarah Kurchak

It’s a film that actually takes teen girls and their interests, struggles, and triumphs seriously. It’s also a celebration of the joy that these girls get from pursuing their interests and coming together as a community.

As a former teenage girl whose formative years were ridden with intense interests, bullying, and sometimes being bullied for loving the things I loved so all-consumingly , I found the film overwhelmingly cathartic.

The Slave Who Raised Me Was My Mother

By Eva Robles

What I am is a piece of the fragile heart of a young woman who came to this country all alone. I was molded by her dismal existence and her unfathomable perseverance. My dreams were carved from her hard and endless work that left her no time to pursue dreams of her own.

I wear her eyes and her features with a lighter shade of brown on my skin, but my appearance does not depict her hardship or her triumph.

Brandon Vezmar Is No ‘Hero’–He’s The Epitome Of Male Entitlement

By Tauriq Moosa

We must look at this through the language of entitlement so that we can see where he’s wrong. A woman behaved in a way he did not approve and thus she acted “wrong.”

Instead of viewing her behavior as a response to his less than good actions — or even external factors he was unaware of — she is deserving of being punished because Mr. Man did not approve of a woman’s behavior. This should make you uncomfortable, not cheer for him as a fucking “warrior” for civilized society.

You Must Understand Why You Believe What You Believe — And How You Got There

By Ijeoma Oluo

No matter how strongly your feelings about the Kardashians may be, there was a time where you thought literally nothing about them. There was a time where they didn’t exist for you at all. Then there was a time of awareness, and as you became more familiar with them, the opinion you have now began to form.

Many who have very strong Kardashian feelings will look at people who feel differently about the Kardashians as if they have no sense. But that conflict and disconnect is not based on a difference of opinion, it’s based on a journey forgotten.




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