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Funding equitable media is always an imperative and noble act.

But, we also know, it can feel fairly nebulous. Just where are your hard-earned dollars going? If you sponsor a story with us, you’ll always know — in fact, you’ll score a living breathing internet link to the fruits of your generosity.

Since our launch, The Establishment has prized radical transparency, as evidenced by the explicit publishing of our rates. And although there are certainly other costs involved with serving up the hottest, freshest, most just journalism anyone can lay their paws on — staff salaries, marketing budgets, tech costs, etc. — paying our writers is paramount, and we want to offer our readership the opportunity to directly support our talented creators.

We have always prized innovation, accountability, justice, and community; this initiative, which directly supports ethical media and diverse creators, exists at the intersection of these dearly held values.

We want to offer our readership the opportunity to directly support our talented creators.

As we’ve publicized since our first day, we pay a flat rate of $125 for our standard-length feature pieces. Such transparency makes the math easy — by chipping in $125 to The Establishment, you can sponsor one of our articles (and if you want to sponsor multiple stories — we’re here for that too!). At the end of every month, we’ll let all our sponsors know in a glorious internet shout-out exactly which (randomly assigned) story, or stories, their money has supported. We publish upwards of 65 original pieces of content each month, bulding on an archive of more than 1,600 stories, so there’s plenty to support!

Sponsors will in no way affect or influence our publishing practices, the writers we work with, or the the topics we cover. But by participating in the program, you’ll gain tangible proof of how you’ve contributed to improving our world — and a glowing warmth in the cockles of your heart.

And if you really, really love the pairing of journalism and justice (and are looking to ignite a veritable bonfire in your heart), for $500 you can sponsor one of our hard-hitting, long-form investigative pieces; we’ve covered medical child abuse, the insidious scamming of professional women, and Stanford’s victim-blaming rape policies, among other pressing societal issues, and are always eager for the opportunity to support deeper journalistic dives.

For more information, drop us a note at getestablished [at] theestablishment [dot] co with “Sponsor A Story” in the subject line.

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