Spot The Differences In These Iconic Photos!

The Smooch Heard Round The World

Iconic Photos-Sailor Original
Iconic Photos-Sailor Doctored

This photo is widely considered to be one of the most romantic images of all time. The jaunty hat. The ardent dip. It’s the PDA we can all get behind . . .

But according to the book The Kissing Sailor, when 22-year-old sailor George Mendosa grabbed a comely nurse in Times Square on V-J day, he was drunk as a skunk. He was also on a first date with another woman. The date — 20-year-old Rita Petry — watched from the sidelines as George smooched a stranger to celebrate the end of the Second World War. Instead of her.

Rita married him anyway but noted, “George has never kissed me like that.”

A Grate-ing Romance

Iconic Photos-Marilyn Doctored
Iconic Photos-Marilyn Original

The Marilyn-Joe romance was legendary — they eloped in a fit of passion — but complicated. Actually, messy might be the better word. At the time, Joe Dimaggio — who had just retired from one of the greatest careers in baseball — was an even bigger star than sloe-eyed Monroe.

While some of their marriage details are sweet, if creepy (Marilyn asked Joe to put flowers on her grave every week if she died first, and when the time came, he did), other aspects of their relationship weren’t so peachy. Joe was an old-fashioned bloke 12 years her senior who wanted Marilyn to give up her acting career and her high-profile paparazzi-fettered life. He’s also alleged to have hit her, according to Joe and Marilyn: Legends of Love.

Oh. And when he saw her skirt billow up at the photo shoot for the film Some Like it Hot, he was enraged by the impropriety. Their 9-month marriage ended shortly after.

Power to the Playbunnies

Iconic Photos-Gloria Original
Iconic Photos-Gloria Doctored

Renowned feminist, activist, and shit-kicker Gloria Steinem actually worked as a Playboy Bunny — she famously wrote about it in a two-part series for Show Magazine called “A Bunny’s Tale.” The series appeared in 1963, the same year The Feminine Mystique (penned by Betty Friedan) was published. Steinem exposed the vulnerability of women who worked for Hefner while the Second Wave of feminism took the world by screw-the-male-gaze storm.

iSleep With the Fishes

Iconic Photos-Steve Jobs Original
Iconic Photos-Steve Jobs Doctored

According to a former Apple employee, when Steve Jobs saw the first iPod prototype, he thought it was too damn big. When his engineers told him making it more diminutive was simply impossible, Jobs strode over and dropped the entire thing into a fish tank. When bubbles floated to the top, he said, “Those are air bubbles. That means there’s space in there. Make it smaller.”