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Letter sent on Dec 22, 2017

The Holi-Daze Are Here!

Say what you will about the holidays — they’re a capitalistic wet dream at best, and a blur of trauma draped in twinkle lights at worst — there are few things on earth I love more than a Gathering.

One of my great joys is my ability to physically bring people together. My home in Oakland is known as the ‘Landia (LadyLandia that is) and it’s a hub-place.

We have dinners and parties and meetings and brunches and BBQs and pizza-making soirees; we cook like mad and warble and make valentines and quilts and have guests sleep over all the time and generally make all the merry your fist-sized heart can handle.

Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the heavens — whoever the hell is up there, maybe just a few extraterrestrials biding their time — for my community.

This is all to say that when we’re able to take
The Establishment off-line and gather our people together in one room it’s magnifique, it’s fireworks, it’s brie cheese wrapped in a buttered croissant; it’s a cup of tea through your mittens; it’s the hug you need at the end of the worst day ever.

(Otherwise known as 2017.)


All the readings from Holi-daze.

(And lots of photos too!)

Please listen. And read. And keep loving each other.

Happy happy happy holidays (I hope.)

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

Your 2017 Feminist Killjoy Gift Guide!

By Anne Theriault

I’m gonna spend the next few weeks shoveling canapés into my mouth and tossing back frouffy drinks like there’s notomorrow. I’m going to have fun in spite of everything.

My glee will be a giant middle finger to the entire Trump administration.

I’ll be the William Wallace of Christmas parties, yelling that they can do their best to take our lives but they’ll never take our ability to experience joy.

I’m Done With The Faux-Woke Exploitation Of Marginalized Writers

By Ariel Henley

“Would you be interested in writing a personal story about dating and disfigurement?” An editor at a well-known women’s fashion magazine asked me in an email.

“We’re interested in the ways dating with disfigurement makes you feel unattractive, and how you cope with the challenges of trying to find a partner.”

I had emailed the woman to pitch a feel-good article about creative date night activities, and this was the response I received.

‘Health’ Publications Are Quietly Killing People Over The Holidays

By Lindsey Weedston

I didn’t realize just how bad the “Health” industry was until I learned about “pro-ana” communities and began studying them.

Pro-ana is short for “pro-anorexia.” As in: “We at Anorexic Diet tips blog publish the best pro ana diet plans and pro ana tips and tricks to lose weight fast and become anorexic,” explains AnorexicDietTips.com.

Groups like this have received little media attention — despite them being egregiously dangerous — but what’s just as horrifying is the fact that tips commonly found on the most popular pro-ana sites and forums are not so different from those found on Health.com, or any number of other “health” sites.

How To Look Like A Non-Racist Production Of The Nutcracker

By Jennifer Culp

The original ballet was created by a bunch of racist white people who thought it was fine and maybe even inclusive to represent savory treats such as “tea” and “coffee” as racist caricatures of Chinese and “Arabian” people, respectively.

Unsurprising spoiler: The old dead racist white people were wrong. It is NOT FINE to put on yellow- and brown-face and jump around for the amusement of white people! It is not fine at all; it is in fact reprehensible.

“BUT JENNIFER!” some white person somewhere is probably crying right now, “HOW CAN WE EVER PROPERLY MOUNT THIS BALLET WITHOUT THE RACISM?”

Easy, that’s how. Allow me to demonstrate.

In Troubling Times, Holiday Cards Send A Message Of Resistance

By Grover Wehman-Brown

U.S. are vocal about inequality and political repression. Now, many are grappling with how to connect with family and friends in ways that honor the intensity of this time, while also supporting the resistance efforts necessary to engender change.

I sent out a call and spoke to several people, including personal friends, who have answered this issue head-on — by using holiday cards as a tool of resistance.

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